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Wellbeing for humans &horses 

Wellbeing for Humans & Horses 



Nicks Corbett 

Creating a lifestyle in wellbeing
 BioResonance therapy,Yoga, food, awareness &the herd. 


I believe that Inflammation, acute or Chronic, an over acidic environment, ill gut health, dehydration, stuck emotions and halted cell communication are all the foundations of dis-ease in the body. 

With  Bio Resonance therapy , yoga, Reflexology and empowerment coaching (IIN) Nicks is able to help her clients shift stagnant energy within the body, allowing their bodies to realign into a state of balance and return to their natural healing state. 
When the energy within is allowed to move, the body is able to heal.
All the treatments benefit those with Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, PMS, sleep issues, auto immune problems ...... 
Having experienced many of the above and seen incredible results for herself and in others, Nicks' empathy and belief in what she does is present in every treatment given.
The principles of yoga and living and eating with awareness are shared to bring more harmony into your daily life so they become part of your day to day.