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Wellbeing for humans &horses 

Wellbeing for Humans & Horses 



Welcome to my website where you will discover  more about me and what I can offer  and my course,  "Finding my truth" – a six-week commitment in awareness and wellness.

I offer guidance in conscious living, sharing a wide variety of tools that you can take with you and access at any point of the day whenever you should need. The sessions are 1:1, and  involve breathing techniques,  movement, drawn from my yoga teaching, and guidance and tools in living with awareness in everything that we do - sleeping, eating, speaking, moving, working etc etc. 

When we live with awareness, when we live consciously, we have choice. To choose to focus on a life of fear and ill health or a life of love and good health. We are able to ride the storms from a present state, managing our fight or flight responses with awareness and from a kind place. We have the tools to support ourselves and therefore those around us. 

From my experiences with clients and my own personal experiences with trauma, addiction and health, I created Finding my truth and I am super excited to share it with you.  I hope it will attract those of you  who feel ready to go a little deeper into who you are and what you are here to share.

It is also, for those of you who long for a little more balance in your life and who want to make healthy living a lifestyle not another fad. The great thing is you can take it as deep or light as you like. The information is yours for life to dip in and out of and use. 

I have brought together information that I have found to be very helpful, in the hope that it feels accessible and easy to use, giving you the foundation to continuing growing and exploring all information out there to help you grow into your best self, bettering your life and the lives around you as well as  group consciousness.

What we think, has a huge impact on our physiology and on the world as a whole, what we think,  we create, so lets focus on 

loving, kind, joyful, compassionate, positive thoughts, so that this is what we attract and put out into the world. 

Whether you choose 1:1 guidance or Finding my truth, Nicks will help you on your path to transformation. There is no right or wrong, simply what is right for each person. It is about increasing our self awareness so that we can live life, healthy, happy and whole. 


"Finding my truth" is accompanied by other aspects of my practice – Accunect, Reflexology, classes for Movement and Meditation which have been developed out of different forms of Yoga, along with a deep understanding of food, nutrition and the use of supplements.

I have embraced all that I practice to heal my own self and so I feel even more given to share. My goal in my work,  is to help you become more aware of your journey and  to support you in developing a deeper relationship with your own heart so that you can fully let love be your guide.



For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on nicolacorbett@mac.com