A page to say Thankyou!

I would like to thank my parents for all their support and love and for giving me the opportunity to create this beautiful journey. 


I would like to thank James French and his partner Shelley for inspiring me and for teaching me a way to work with the animals that involves only trust and love. 


I would like to thank Kerri Lake for her existence, her friendship, her guidance and support. 


I would like to thank my friends for their support and feedback. 


I would like to thank my husband and my children for being so supportive and understanding and for encouraging me to keep going when the doubt and fears pop in. 


And finally thank you to George for teaching me so much and to all my beautiful animal friends that are always by my side


I would also like to thank our vet, Peter Sclater, Sclater Equine and our farrier Simon Wheeler! And Peter Jeffs for all his love and healing to the herd. 


With Gratitude we find kindness and with kindness we find health.


For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on nicolacorbett@mac.com  

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