Accunect is a gentle, yet very powerful form of energy medicine therapy that encourages the body back to its natural healing state. Born out of Traditional Chinese Medicine, body talk, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Quantum physics and much more, it is a therapy that creates a shift in consciousness and  is a complete healing system that brings the body back into balance. In a session we observe the greatest potential for a more balanced energy and physiology. It is worth remembering that self healing is the body's natural state. Stress, however, in all its forms often knocks the body out of balance and that is when inflammation and disease occurs. Accunect helps the body restore balance in mind, body and spirit. It increases blood circulation and sends new messages to the rest of the body and creates new electrical pathways in the nervous system. 

"After my first Accunect treatment I felt very calm and relaxed but alert.  I had had a headache for a few days and that had gone.
My second and third treatments were equally soothing and generally helped me unwind.
I slept longer at night after all treatments and woke feeling energetic and generally well. My headaches had gone and the bloating feeling was vastly improved.  
I would recommend this treatment and continue myself. "  J .P.

"Nicks has a truly wonderful gift for healing.  She recently helped me through a course of Accunect sessions via Zoom.  The connection and the healing, even though it was done remotely was incredible.  Her caring nature and incredible listening skills made me feel very comfortable and I felt a huge shift physically, mentally and spiritually during and after each session. Nicks is highly intuitive and what showed up was astonishing. She has really helped me get back in balance.  I would

highly recommend."  J. M. 

It can help with.....




Autoimmune issues 

Back pain 

Behaviour problems 

Chronic attune 


Digestive disorders 

Emotional disorders 

Endocrine issues 

Frears and phobias 






High cholesterol 

High blood pressure 

Learning disorders 

Menstrual problems 

Muscle pain 


Pre and post surgery  

Post traumatic stress


Sports injuries



What to expect in a session 

We will go through your consultation form each time in a safe and quiet environment . I will make sure that you are relaxed seated or lying down and will use the Accunect health map to create the best possible sequence for balancing mind, body and spirit.  This balancing is supported by a technique called muscle checking which confirms what has come up. It could be anything from a part of the body, an organ and endocrine gland, an emotional state, an aspect of the nervous system, the release of an old memory or a belief pattern ... I will then imprint the suggestions that have come up by a gentle tapping technique. The head is tapped lightly to stimulate the brain and the nervous system and bringing awareness to the parts mentioned. The heart is also tapped to help store the changes in the body through the Chinese Meridian systems and heart complex. The tapping is not on the body but just over. So it is a non invasive therapy. 

This is repeated until there is nothing more to balance for that day. 

How many treatments will I need? 

I like to ask  clients to book in for three to six treatments - one every week (sometimes closer in time, sometimes with longer between)  - to begin with and then from there we see what is needed. It might be that one needs to continue with a weekly session for a time or that monthly or quarterly or even 6 monthly is just perfect. Amazingly the body  knows when to give you a nudge for a treatment if you need one! 


"I really am very grateful to you for helping me to realign myself, after what has been such a challenging chapter in my life. 

I really value your treatment, and feel extremely lucky to have found you.
There is no doubt at all, that there have been extraordinary benefits and reduction in pain, in only three sessions! 
I will definitely stay in touch and look forward to seeing you when I need to be straightened more ways than one!" JB


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