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The ponies always give what we need. Whether it is a display of their strength and fun or their love of affection and stillness. They share from their hearts and connect to us in a way that allows us to embrace a new way of 'being.' Their presence is incredibly healing. It is hard to put the experiences they give us into words but what I can share is that each group/individual that comes receives exactly what they need. It doesn't matter how hard I have planned the day, the horses will always lead the way. It is beautiful to see the emotions they support guests to release. It is a privilege to watch them bond, connect and teach and to be there to facilitate a deep healing space, created through the connection between hearts and souls. Shifts occur that we cannot explain but we just know we have witnessed or experienced.  We welcome everybody and time spent with the ponies and any other requests are tailored to individuals or groups. For more information please contact Nicks nicolacorbett@mac.com/07855256338

I would like to thank both Sophie Goggs and Georgie Pearson Adams for their beautiful photographs.