COCOA - The wise, warm, wonderful Cocoa! 

Cocoa came to us a few years ago, following a desperate call from a friend, saying that he was on the way to the knacker's yard as the owner could no longer afford to keep him. Being a companion only pony, no-one would buy him. He stopped off with us on route and has been the most brilliant addition to the herd. He allowed George to relax as Cocoa only has to look at one of the others and they move. He and Ash are very close and Micky, Ash, and Cocoa all enjoy a stable together (out of choice) during the day. Of course, they have the freedom to come in and out.

We are not sure exactly of Cocoa's past but his experience with backing (learning to have a saddle on) was unkind and cruel. He loves the healing moments and is very good at showing us when we are fully in this moment. Yawning, closing the eyes and dropping the head. A truly lovely soul. Thank you for being with us Cocoa. x


For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on  

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