Lightening was the first member of the herd to arrive with us. We brought him for my daughter. The long awaited first pony. With patience, most of the time, we soon learnt that Lightening either moved like Lightening or chose not to move at all. In time he did everything my daughter asked but not for anyone else! :)

He has, it would appear, struggled with Laminitis for much of his life. His neck had an enormous crest when we got him and I naively believed the answer to why - 'he got gelded late.' Anyhow, I say, 'had', because earlier this year, Lightening had a very close encounter with moving on in his journey. His pedal bone was close to showing and the vet and farrier were concerned that his lameness was going to the be the end.

With much love from everyone, many hours sitting with him in the stable, tears, cuddles, conversations, red light therapy, Reiki & Kinesiology (thank you Pete Jeffs), heart-healing, attentive vets (thank you Peter Sclater) and patience and caring farrier (thank you Simon Wheeler), Lightening pulled through and is now walking beautifully and looks like a different pony. He might not pass a vets examination but he isn't going anywhere so that isn't a problem! :) 

He continues to help me and educate myself and  the younger members of the herd. He has taught me that deep healing is not a quick fix. It takes time, patience and discipline. 


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