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Micky arrived having been a Minty and an unfortunate purchase. I say unfortunate as he was not what the purchaser thought she was buying, so on arrival he was not onto a good start. A friend dropped him here. And here he stayed.  We renamed him Micky as Minty is also my daughters name! 

When he arrived with us he was so shut down and 100 percent unaware of his size. He was in fact a bit of a safety issue! He could and would (unconsciously) mow us down if we were not being fully aware of our surroundings. We taught him personal space and he reminded us to create our boundary of personal space too. With love, lots and lots of it, guidance from his horse friends (particularly Connie) he has learnt about personal space, and is responding to the love shown. I do sit occasionally on his back and allow him to lead the ride. This means we tend to just stand! HA  However, he enjoys the connection and I feel may enjoy some gentle riding here and there one day. We shall see. 

This is the beauty of a partnership and listening as they each have their different characters and roles.