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Treatments & Prices

All my work involves shifting energy and moving it along with awareness. We are all energy. When energy flows, we flow and move with ease. When it stagnates it creates dis -ease.

“Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ― Lao Tzu



An ancient foot massage that encourages deep healing. Nicks uses gentle but firm techniques to move any blocked energy along, by working the meridians and all the reflexes in the foot. These reflexes correspond to different parts of the body.  By helping the energy to flow once more, the body can do the healing it needs to do. 

£50/ treatment. 

 Bicom Bioresonance Therapy 

A modern way of healing. A non invasive treatment that encourages the body to come back into alignment and into its natural self healing state. 

Based on Quantum physics, the device works with the client, balancing any erratic and unstable vibrational frequencies in the body. Every organism has its own frequency pattern and it is this pattern that is dissolved during the treatment (if a pathogen) or amplified (if a benefit to the body).

"It detects and treats energetic imbalances and removes toxin overload and blockages. It improves the functions of organs and systems and provides information signals the instruct the body to remove pathogens and balance body chemistry. It reduces the total load of accumulative stress on the body." BR.com

 We are continuously putting stress on the body and we need to bring in as many tools as we can to support our physical, mental, emotional wellbeing if we want to stay well. Bioresonance helps us do just that, working deep on a cellular level, moving old issues on and supporting the body in creating a bunch of healthy, happy cells going forward.

It helps with a number of ailments and for each issue that may show up we can program the treatment to support you as best as possible. For example auto immune issues need a lot of support but a very common issue is the EBV ... so very often this will be one of the first things we deal with. Alongside the therapy Nicks will talk through lifestyle and give you as much support as you need. Sharing what comes up intuitively and what she knows from her experience and training. 

It has amazing results with allergies, auto immune issues, bowel problems, aches and pains, supporting treatments, pms, and the list goes on... 

£65 for initial consultation (1.5 hours)

£50 for follow ups. (1hr)

Remarkable differences can be made in just a couple of sessions. 

Appointments available Mondays and Tuesdays 8am to 8pm 


Movement & Meditation with Nicks £50 per hour for private bookings - group or individual. 

Nicks shares her training in Hatha Yoga and combines it with all her favourite Yoga poses and teachings  from other branches of Yoga. Kundalini being a huge part of her inspiration. Nicks' classes have evolved into a beautiful session of movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation. Each class is centred around present moment awareness and the heart.  

Nicks no longer holds regular classes but shares her joy of the above in workshops and sporadic classes which are shared via social media.


She also offers private sessions so that people can get together as a group and rather than going for a drink/coffee together they can unite in an environment that benefits them all on a deep and wholesome level. A unique and original way to see your friends. Sharing through energy rather than words. 

Of course the words can come after with a cup of tea! :) 

Healing Hug with a Horse (or pony) & Healing meditation with the Herd 

Meditation and present awareness with the herd - your experience with the herd will have a profound effect on your everyday. 

Finding your truth. A course in Awareness and Wellness. 

6 week course, up to 10 people,  bringing wellbeing into your life, so that healthy living is a lifestyle not a fad. Exploring the ever increasing amount of information out there and fantastic products on offer and making it all accessible and attainable to your daily life. We will become more aware of how we behave, how we eat, sleep, move, interact. As we become more aware, we have more choice. Choice to choose a life that lifts us, or a way of life that drags us down. 

We meet once a week for 2 hours in a safe and supportive group. Access via email between each session and phone if required. 

We explore tools to help with Anxiety, overwhelm and fears

We learn breathing exercises 

We learn meditation techniques

We create Yoga sequences that you will be able to stick to as you will have tailored them to what you enjoy. 

We create healthy eating habits that are attainable to you as an individual. 

We will explore stories that may be holding you back and find supportive ways to start letting go of these stories so that we can move into the present moment of awareness. The present is our gift. It is the Now. Past is gone. Future is unknown. The Present is all we have, so let us live in it. Then we are truly living! 

We will crowd out the sugars, the caffeine, the gluten and the dairy. 

I am not saying Never, just creating a 90/10, 80/20 way of life. We will create an eating plan that supports all the elimination organs so that your body can function effectively. 

We will support gut health, key to mental, physical and emotional. health. 

We will move stagnant energy along

We explore supplements and herbs.... 

The idea is that you leave with a strong foundation to build on... a life of Health, Happiness, Love and Laughter!