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I offer several kinds of treatments and therapies and all come together helping my clients rediscover balance and a sense of wellbeing. These are listed below with a description of the application and the cost and method of booking. Sometimes it may be that I create a course of 6 to suit your needs and this will combine movement, Finding My Truth, Accunect, reflexology and the ponies! 

Guidance in Conscious living 

This is a 4-6 week course of appointments, where we meet for an hour, tailoring each appointment around you. I will bring in what I feel will benefit you most to help you come back into balance, mind, body and spirit. 

£65 per session 

( 6 weeks - £ 375 - discount for 6 week booking )

Accunect - beautiful healing modality that is non invasive, gentle yet very powerful. "A combination of Traditional Acupuncture theory, modern biomedicine and neuroscience, osteopathic theory, tapping techniques and quantum physics theory.". It helps restore the body's innate ability to heal itself, bringing awareness to mind, body and spirit. Accunect addresses the issues that come with stress, environmental, physical,mental, chemical etc and brings the body into its natural healing state of balance.

£85 per session 

Yoga Body Breath coaching - learning techniques to help you use the most powerful tool you have with you every moment of the day. Techniques to wake you up, calm you down and send you to sleep! They benefit your nervous system, digestive health and mental clarity

£65/hour. Groups can be arranged 

Movement & Meditation and energy balancing

I share my training in Hatha Yoga and kundadance and combine it with all my favorite Yoga poses and teachings from other branches of Yoga. Kundalini being a huge part of my inspiration. My classes have evolved into a beautiful session of movement, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation. Each class is centered around present moment awareness and the heart. I no longer hold regular classes but share my joy of the above in workshops and sporadic classes which are shared via social media and here. You can sign up for my newsletter to get regular updates of dates and times. 

I also offer private sessions 1:1 and as groups, where people can come together as a group. Rather than going for a drink/coffee together they can unite in an environment that benefits them all on a deep and wholesome level. A unique and original way to see your friends. Sharing through energy rather than words. Of course, the words can come after with a cup of tea! :) 
£65 per hour for private bookings -  group or individual.  
£375  for 6 sessions booked. 


Healing Hug with a Horse (or pony) & Healing meditation with the Herd 

Meditation and present awareness with the herd - your experience with the herd will have a profound effect on your everyday. 

Cost and time structured around clients' specific needs/wants. 


Finding my truth. A course in Awareness and Wellness. 

This course is for those who are looking to make wellness a lifestyle. For those who are fed up with feeling just ok and want to feel fantastic. For those who feel stuck and are ready to change. For those who feel a little empty and are ready to embrace their vitality and everything out there. For those who are looking for some support, some direction to make the changes they have been wanting to for some time. For those who are ready to connect back to their hearts and all that wisdom that lies within. You can take the course as light or as deep as you wish. Everything is there for each person to grow at their pace and to make changes to suit their individual lifestyle. 

£300 per head in group of 6

£780  1:1 

For more information on Finding my Truth 

please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338 

or email Nicola at nicolacorbett@mac.com    

Reflexology with energy balancing 

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet. It's based on a theory that each part of the foot is connected to specific organs and body systems. 

£65Or £45 if 6 sessions booked. 




For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on nicolacorbett@mac.com