I offer several kinds of treatments and therapies and all come together helping my clients rediscover balance and a sense of wellbeing. These are listed below with a description of the application and the cost and method of booking. Sometimes it may be that I create a course of 6 to suit your needs and this will combine meditation, movement, Finding My Truth, Accunect and the ponies! 

Guidance in Conscious living 

This is a 4-6 week course of appointments, where we meet for an hour, tailoring each appointment around you. I will bring in what I feel will benefit you most to help you come back into balance, mind, body and spirit. 

£65 per session 

( 6 weeks - £ 350 - discount for 6 week booking )



A beautiful healing modality that is non invasive, gentle yet very powerful. "A combination of Traditional Acupuncture theory, modern biomedicine and neuroscience, osteopathic theory, tapping techniques and quantum physics theory.". It helps restore the body's innate ability to heal itself, bringing awareness to mind, body and spirit. Accunect addresses the issues that come with stress, environmental, physical,mental, chemical etc and brings the body into its natural healing state of balance.


IN-PERSON and Remote SESSIONS - what does a session involve? 


An Accunect session can be practiced both in person and remotely via zoom or skype. Most of my sessions are the latter as they are as effective as in person but save time and travel for the client and mean that I can work with anyone, anywhere! We are all ‘connected’ so the session is the same. 

The session will start with us going through the consultation from a safe space and I will ask what areas of your life you would like to address during the session. I can get an understanding of your  overall health as we go through the form. The form also allows me to keep record of your improvement over the treatment plan as very often we forget we have had an ailment once it has gone! It is exciting to see what has changed or been resolved as we work together in bringing your body back into its natural healing state. 


During the treatment you can lie down or sit in a chair comfortably. Being comfortable is the most important thing. Sessions are gentle and non invasive.

Once comfortable, I will get you to take some deep breaths and relax. I will then use a chart, called the health map and a form of muscle checking to determine what to balance during the session. Once I have found the best possible sequence, I will do gentle tapping over your heart and head, to encourage your body to balance the areas that show up. I will often go quiet through this part but I will explain everything that comes up at the end of the session and sometimes during.  The healing itself is done by you. I am simply facilitating the space and reminding the body to do what it knows best, to restore balance, self regulate and heal itself. The body is amazing! 


The above is the same for both in person and distant sessions.

How many appointments will you need? 

This can vary. I like to encourage my clients to book in for three to begin with. Sometimes, people will see a huge difference after one session but often, people need a bit more time to allow deeper healing to happen. The self healing will begin after one session but the body may need that extra support to rebalance itself long term. 

After the third session, we create a treatment plan that suits you. It may be you want to continue weekly or you may feel that monthly or even 6 monthly is just perfect. The beautiful thing about Accunect is that it helps the body remember what to do, heal itself,  so when you need a treatment it will give you a nudge! If it needs a bit of extra support it will let you know. 


£65 per session - £85 for first session 

(£350 for six booked)

Finding my truth. A course in Awareness and Wellness. 

This course is for those who are looking to make wellness a lifestyle. For those who are fed up with feeling just ok and want to feel fantastic. For those who want to take back their power, to take care of themselves and take responsibility.  For those who feel stuck and are ready to change. For those who feel a little empty and are ready to embrace their vitality and everything out there. For those who are looking for some support, some direction to make the changes they have been wanting to for some time. For those who are ready to connect back to their hearts and all that wisdom that lies within. You can take the course as light or as deep as you wish. Everything is there for each person to grow at their pace and to make changes to suit their individual lifestyle. 

£300 per head in group of 6

£720  1:1 

£180 for course in pdf/ebook format  - 7 manuals will be sent to you too so you have hard copy. 



For more information 

please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338 

or email Nicola at    



For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on  

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