We were very lucky to gain Nimrod. He came to us to eat some grass and never left. He came straight from the New Forest (well I think he stopped off at his owner's home for a bit but not long) and I think the plan for him was to be backed and sold. Well fortunately for us, he had a bout of colic, which put them off and he stayed here! George and I sat with Nimrod under a full moon as he rolled about passing wind and then lay quietly once the vet had been to give him some pain killer. It was obviously very worrying at the time, but looking back at that evening it was a very bonding and eye opening experience. It was uncertain which way the colic would go but luckily for us, he recovered and was bouncing around in the morning. 

We have sat on him (well my daughter has) and we have done agility work with him but to his real talent lies with the little ponies of the herd. He is the most fantastic Nanny. He loves getting involved with any healing sessions and loves to say hello to clients and friends. And he LOVES a good grooming. 

He has a few issues with manners and personal space but we are getting there with time and patience! 

He is a super star and we are grateful for his beautiful self being here with us. 


For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

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