Noodle came to us with Liam from World Horse welfare. He is very cute but he will not let anyone abuse his size. He is a wonderful teacher in personal space. "I might be small and cute but don't assume you can put your presence all over me just to satisfy your need for affection or to feel you are in control!" He reminds us to ask politely and not to barge, or assume or to be controlling in order to hide our fears. He is like check in with who you are really and then get back to me! :) 

He is loving and kind and LOVES having his neck scratched. His little top lip pops forward and he smiles. He is great friends with Nimrod and loves his smaller companions, Pumpkin, Sacha, & Liam. 

The picture here shows a very fluffy Noodle after the winter of 2018. We had had three days of snow and when it stopped the whole herd went to the school and lay down and slept under the winter sunshine! Noodle was on the lookout at this moment. They were exhausted. 


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