Changing the way the world thinks

We have the ability to change. More and more people are warming towards Mindfulness, Meditation, talking about the present moment, discussing and using therapies that a few years ago would probably have been disregarded as nonsense. Even science is beginning to see the benefits all the above have on the human being, not just physically but physiogically and mentally too.

In a world where we expect things to be fixed at the click of a finger, we are slowly beginning to recognise that maybe the 'quick fix' approach is not the answer. Maybe we need to start taking responsibility for our own selves and learn and understand who we are and what we truly want to do with our lives. The moment we start this journey we discover all sorts of nuances about ourselves. Hidden dispositions come forward that we never even new were there, or we did know but were too damm scared to share them with those around us. The moment we start delving into the path of self discovery, we learn about our truth and we rediscover the connection to our heart. And this is a beautiful place. The negative thinking pattern is so deeply ingrained in us that often it is easier for us to focus on what we haven't got or what we are struggling with rather than what we do have. After all it is that it is the simple things that give us huge pleasures. And when we see these little bursts of light we need to hang onto them and feel them in the body. When we do this we can access them a little easier each time. And eventually we learn to enlighten the dark days with the light.

Now this is no easy journey, well for a few maybe, but for most it may well be a tough one, But i believe that if we could only start playing with the positive a bit more, focusing on the great things that are being done in the world rather than always expressing the bad via the Media and other sources, we may just lift peoples hearts as they listen to the news or scan through the web. This is not to say that we must not report about all those that need help but perhaps highlight HOW we can help in the same sentence as reporting the bad news. If we always focus and judge the terrible situations in the world we never move forward making change and history starts to repeat itself over and over. LETS MAKE the CHANGE.... start small. Start at home. Each day just do your best to report all the great things that have happened in your day.... even if it seems otherwise, pull at the heart strings and report something to a friend or loved one or the man/woman next door. Did someone smile at you or say hello? Did the sky shine brightly over head? Did the birds sing? Did you hear your favourite song?

Those reporting or running the country, how about reporting something great.... and give everyone a reason to smile! We exist. Life is short and we are here to enjoy it and share the love that we all know exists between us. For those that have lost the love, lets help them reignite it, for those scared to show the love, SHARE it. It is time for Love to lead the way, no more violence, no more hatred, no more judgement, no more conflict.

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