Happy 2016 Everyone!

Hello lovely people! I hope you have had a great start to the year and you are feeling ready and bright for the year that lies ahead. I know some have had a pretty tough start to the year, and for those of you that this applies too, keep strong, keep yourself rooted to the ground, like that of a verdant Oak tree and know that life's challenges are not here to test you but to open your awareness to your life's journey. This is not always easy!!

I have placed a picture of our wise Lightening, enjoying the late summer grass, in hope to inspire you and to encourage you to always look at the blue sky and the moving clouds, with the knowing that life is ever changing and when there is troubled skies in your world, there will always be blue skies again. And the more aware and the more truthful you are to yourself, the more the blue skies with shine.

VIDEO CLIP - I hope you might give yourself ten minutes to stretch out and enjoy a moment on your mat.

I have collated a number of Yoga sessions, ten mintues (ish) to thirty minutes only. I was inspired by the lack of time I had over the Christmas holidays to take a full hour out to practice on my own. Each 5 or 10 minutes I grabbed made all the difference to my mental space, my physical being and my emotional wellbeing. I guess it is therefore fair to say, it not only benefitted me but all those around me! :) So if you have trouble taking even 10 minutes out for YOU, know that a happy you radiates happiness and peace to those in your life and this continues to spread further and further afield.


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