Little intro on HHH @pomeroy farm

I just thought I would share some rambling with you about a day at Pomeroy Farm with the horses.

You can be a non rider or rider. You can work with the horses close up or over a fence. We work with whatever works for you as an individual.

I was reading Tony Stomberg's "Horses Medicine" and I took the following notes, which I feel reflect our work at Pomeroy Farm too.

Something to consider….

How do you think horses may help us?

Tony Stromberg wrote ‘No other animal has contributed more to our civilisation than the horse. “

Jung referred to the mysical horse Pegasus with his wings and in his writings suggested the earth horse was what connected us to the two - the earth and the mystical. According to Jung, the horse 'represents the divine side of the human psyche.’

“In short, horses take us to the location of the divine mystery. There, it is like playing with magic. The possibilities are infinite and eternal." Horse Medicine by Tony Stromberg

What you will notice is that horses attract to the part of us that longs to be free. They help us to clear baggage that stops us from moving forward and loving ourselves.

It has been said that horses, along withe other animals speak in a language that we have lost. They can be off with us because they sense the lack of truth in ourselves. Horses, like other animals communicate via feelings.

Horses have the ability to thrust us into self awareness - they are our 'anam Cara' - our 'soul friend.'

They teach tough love when needed and they always offer opportunity for self reflection and growth if we are open to it.

The horse is our bridge to the natural world. They encourage us to ‘be’ and our awareness grows.

When we accept every moment as is, there is no room for judgement, analysis, criticism, no manipulating, no planning, no worrying. Horses ‘be’, they do not ‘think.' Over thinking can lead to fear.

They forgive us and remind us that forgiveness is the foundation to life and this lesson teaches us peace.

Horses and other animals live in a natural order, they live in close connection to absolute knowledge. Many of us have sensed an energy around us and other beings and this energy is now being proven by scientists. Like when you walk into a room and you suddenly feel uncomfortable or comfortable, this is all dependent on the energy in the room. This is what animals pick up and work with. This is what we have lost belief in and when we get present we start to reconnect to the natural order of Nature and the wisdom that lies within each and every one of us.

We hope to encourage all those that come here to remember they are allowed to be happy, and to remember that love, light, kindness and laughter are what make our hearts sing and our health vibrant.

Thank you for reading



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