Every animal has a right to being...

I have been fortunate enough to have a few days in St Ives, Cornwall over half term, enjoying the sunshine and the sea with my wonderful children. On return, after a rather heavy drive - 5 hours!- I went out to say hello to our fantastic herd. And how welcoming they were. The boys all above, came to say hello and hang while I sat there in the yard. Their warmth, their love was overwhelming.

A little later when my daughter and I opened up the wood paddock for them - as a treat - they were so excited about getting there, that they showed us their glory and gratitude by galloping and bucking and generally having a good time. It was at this point I thought once more about the speed at which man will decide to put a horse/or other animal down if they are not serving a purpose. I understand that they are an expense but if you take out the riding, the cost declines dramatically. They are there to love you and care for you if you let them. If only we would see them as something more than a beast to dominate and control.

Are we missing a valuable, exciting lesson from these remarkable beings…? I believe they are here to teach us so much about who we truly are and why we are here. We have asked so much of them over 1000’s of years and they keep waiting patiently for us to open our eyes and see them as a partner, friend, both spiritually and physically. A friend to walk side by side by, not dominate or control with fear. They help us to reconnect to our truth, to our hearts and to live with integrity. Like us they have the rights to freedom and love so who about we allow them to teach us how to do just that with them by our side.


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