It is now time to learn from our animal friends.

I watch our animals... Their life is simple yet so full. They look for food - to survive; they give and receive love openly without restriction; they communicate how they feel openly and honestly; they never judge just relay it how it is; They play, they sleep.

Isn't it time we started to learn from all the beautiful beings around us to be a little less human and a bit more animal? We have always blamed our aggressive ways to be so 'animalistic' but Nature only becomes cruel to watch when there is a shortage of food, love, sleep and warmth. We are the ones with expectations, we are the ones who decide they will behave in certain ways or else they will be punished, we are the ones who have created the fear and the confusion in this world.

Animals live in harmony when they are fed, loved and watered. I witness it daily between our animals at home - the guinea pigs get kissed by the dogs. The cats know not to eat them.... and it goes on...

Humans can live side by side too! If only we would try - not using our heads all the time, to find the answers but by getting in touch with our hearts, where the truth of existence lies.

We are the ones that consume the stimulants and start to fly and then crash down. Animals don't seem to do this. They simply exist. They love, they nurture, they teach, they learn, they eat, they sleep, they play, they appreciate their life day to day. They live with integrity. Why do we feel we need to stimulate ourselves on a daily basis? Is it a lack of integrity? Or perhaps so that we can fit in more than we can manage; or to prove self worth or worthiness to others? Or because we are bored and lost direction? Or have we lost connection to our soul purpose, to the joys in our heart... our heart knows the journey that we as an individual are here for, so why are we not encouraged to listen? Fear? Control? Power? Yet, ironically if we relinquish the fear and control and let go of the desire for power we will see so much beauty and compassion in our fellow men and feel so empowered.

Yes, it is time to see animals in a different light. Not to punish and control them when they do not do as we see as right but to learn from them. Yes, we need to ask them to behave in a safe way around us and others but we can do that without using fear and control.


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