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So as you may have worked out already, i spend much time with these peaceful beings. Something that they constantly reiterate to me is the importance of listening and living in the moment. Most of us are guilty of living in our heads too much. We fill our days with so much that we are always moving too fast or applying our thoughts to what we need to do or what we could have done differently or daydreaming about what we could be doing. And then before we know it weeks have passed and we have no idea what we have done as we have been running faster than we can walk, talking faster than we can think, and thinking more than we can absorb.

Tool - Sit/stand quietly. Rest your hands on your knees or let them hang softly down by your side. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose. Each out breath allow the shoulders to drop. Feel the shoulder blades either side of the spine. Feel your sitting bones or your feet firmly rooted to the ground. Follow the breath. Repeat 10 times. Bring the hands to the heart. Finger tips touching gently and bow. Namaste. x

I would love to invite you to come and join me at HHH to step back, observe what Mother Nature gives us on a daily basis and breathe again.

I will be offering Yoga classes on a Monday at the Cabin, Pomeroy farm BA10 0PW


5pm -6pm

7pm - 8pm

I will also be hosting Workshops - March 18th - Getting Present

April -Reconnecting to the heart. Living our truth.

If you are interested please get in touch.


#workshops #horses #ponies #healing #hearts #breathing #yoga


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