Dear Children - please live with awareness

I am writing to you as i want to share with you my reasons for being so constant about trying to make you aware. Whether it be about sugar, the food we put in our mouths, manners and kindness around people, space around the ponies or the dogs or space from your machines! I pray that you can learn to be aware and live with awareness.

Over the past 100 or so years life has moved incredibly fast in what we as mankind have created and developed. I think perhaps we have moved too fast and too far away from our roots and this is something we are now realising with all the dis - eases in the human race and the need for us all to slow down. Yet, this is going to take time to get to everyone as we are so used to moving fast we are not quite sure how to slow down. And the demands on you guys is not just work and sport and friends and family but also work on computers, social media - where you or people apparently know 100- 500 people but do you really ‘know’ them... and then you have to deal with the commentary that goes with all of this. As we know, when comments are unkind it is their issue that needs resolving not yours!

But we must respond with calmness and kindness as kindness and love are the healers of the world and will bring peace but boy it is not easy in this crazy world that we have created, i do appreciate that!

So, i am writing as i want you to be aware. Aware of how you feel not only on a day to day basis but when you eat that chocolate bar or when you down a couple of glasses of sprite, for example... does the chocolate bar effect you more or less than the bag of sweets you ate, or do you feel a little sick after consuming a pack of biscuits.

The importance of this awareness is because with every high comes the low, and when we allow the lows to keep coming we keep looking for a higher high and with that of course comes a deeper low. But the cycle has begun and it is a hard one to break. More often than not when the high is no longer doing anything it is because the body has become immune to it and is having a detrimental impact on the body/ mind may be obvious immediately but it may not.. that is when dis- ease starts to appear.

Why do we need the high or the feeling we want/need to escape?

When we are (girls) pre menstrual we crave sugars or salts - naturally we want chocolate or crisps but i just ask you to have an awareness of the mood that follows - maybe one month just try avocados, water, walnuts and chocolate... see if you feel any different. You may find you won’t want the chocolate. As boys cravings might come with puberty, frustrations, habit...same for girls too.

I am by no means saying Don’t have all these delicious nasties that we have created in life but i am asking that you have an awareness of the fact that processed food is not food, it is not the fuel or the nutrition your body requires to function to its very best so that you are happy, healthy and whole.

We cannot search for happiness, happiness is already within us and the sooner we see this in our life, the better our lives will be. And just in case i sound like I am all saintly and goodie goodie, I am not. And certainly have not been kind to my body in my past. Which is why i pray and hope that i can teach you children to love and be kind to yourselves.But i have come a long way and for now I still love my coffee and my crisps. I know that i need to crowd these out with better foods and i am on that journey and doing ok... what I do do is make sure that i eat quality. It may be more expensive but at least i know what i am eating and if cost is the problem i eat less! So look at the ingredients, look at where it is from, go organic if you dare!

So please to help yourself keep well and to do your best to avoid issues/diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Adhd, digestive issues, allergies,

EAT you GREENS at every meal

Look at the ingredients to what you are eating. If you don’t recognise any of the ingredients it is not food. Just something to be aware of if you later feel lethargic, low in mood, unable to sleep or are getting spotty.

Cut back on processed foods

Speak from the heart

Cherish your body, mind and soul.

Be kind to yourself and to others.x

DRINK water

Follow your heart and when you have to do things that are not your hearts desire see them as stepping stones to what your heart does desire!Such as going to school!:)

COMMUNICATE your concerns - Always. When we suppress our feelings we can move to food for ‘therapy’ which creates other issues.

Have boundaries.



#children #awareness #diet #integrity


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