Beautiful moments with the ponies these past few weeks.

Minty and i were out with the ponies last weekend. The ground wet and muddy but the sky shining blue and the sun warming our backs. The ponies came down to see us by the school in their muddy, winter coats and Ash, above, came to stand close. She zoned out into a lovely healing state and then colonel (cat) appeared on the fence beside her and jumped on. Ash barely flinched. She stood still as Colonel moved up and down her spine. Lay on her bottom and then moved up to her neck and lay down, as above. At one point when he raised his head it looked like he was riding her! :)

Ash continuously reminds me to slow down. To realise that we are all connected whatever size, whatever shape, whatever beast. When we connect at a deep level in a peaceful place, we all feel it, the energy vibrating unconditional love.

It was about two weeks ago i was in the school wth her and i was saying, 'the thing is Ash you guys need to start showing me something that i can share with people.' I have no whips, i have myself and my voice and my hopping around the school - when i have the energy... but I think people will want more.... she looks at me as if to say, 'really?' "Why can't they just come and be?" Her message was clear and reiterated to me that what i have created is not a place where you will see dancing/ liberty/ join up - you might but no guarantee! - what you will see is the ponies doing as they wish for the persons they connect to... you will experience the beauty of slowing down. Of be fully embraced and immersed in the moment. it is not only beautiful but healing too. I said ... 'well you could just lie down next to me if i asked nicely....?' She walked off! I got the message loud and clear... why can' t we just be?! Why do we have to find 'more?'

The following day, i went into the school again. Ash, cocoa and George followed me in... Ash came straight towards me with energy in her walk and dropped down beside me and rolled. As if to say, "now i will lie by you.' It was truly beautiful. The other two then showed me their beautiful dance with one another as they played. AND THEN when i was feeding them, i found myself holding a bucket of food for George to eat out of. That does not come easy to him as his food is HIS food! It just seemed to happen. I think we were both surprised It was a very beautiful day and I am truly grateful for all they shared with me. Namaste x

I look forward to welcoming you here when the time feels right for you to share the beauty these magical animals give to us, simply by existing by our side.


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