Play around with fitting out! xx

A thought about fitting in and fitting out. "It is something that happens throughout life and it is not kind or easy to deal with, when people treat you one way in one room and another in another space, but the more you listen to your heart the easier it will be. Everyone is just trying to fit ‘in.’ What most of the world don’t realise is that its much cooler and far more progressive to fit ‘out’ - and to be honest it is most peoples dream to fit out because it means they can do what they want to do rather than trying to fit in with what they think they ‘should’ do and then have a conflict inside to deal with… admitedly some people are unaware of this internal conflict but.... it is true when we are not following our heart or that gut feeling we feel unsettled or pains start to arise. Einstein said something like… those that follow the crowd only see the crowd, those that go out alone see things no-one has ever seen. It is not to say life needs to be lonely but it is to say be brave, be courageous and show and share with the world what creative brilliance you are... we are all here to give something very special however big or small it may seem.




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