In the yard

In the presence of my herd,

I feel their enquiring mind

Butterflies start to move in my belly

as their interest in me heightens,

Calm though, in their approach.

The pheasant speaks to my right

That corking noise

The cat walks towards it... "No way

that thing is too big for a fight."

Cocoa is near, Lightening behind. George and Nimrod kissing and cleaning

neck and hind.

Lightening's eyes blink, his face soft.

This little chap, so wise.

As the buckets fill and the hose mutters it tune

The ponies stand inquisitive, serene, magical - like that of the moon.

Ears pricked. Ears forward. They move one another along.

"what is she up too? Is she writing about us.... perhaps a little song?"

Cocoa's nose appears on the pad as if it say... "Keep going."

Such wisdom in his face, such knowing.

We have lost touch with the wisdom these beings have to share,

We call them stupid, dumb, unaware.

How wrong so many of us have been

their brilliance, their ability is unforeseen

We expect and expect again and again

"Achieve, Achieve," we demand of them.

Do as we ask or else you will be punished

No more they ask, we are here to share knowledge.

The knowledge that lies within all beings,

to love, to be peaceful, to share, to care

to be all seeing.

"Write more, write more express our value in words.

Listen. Listen. we are more than just herds.

We will teach you, we will guide you in lessons of love

We will help you reconnect to all of the above.

Magic happens when we are heard."


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