Love is....

We all respond really well when someone is kind to us and when we are kind to someone else, all beings respond really positively to us. The vibrations are high, the moods are good.

Try and practicing loving kindness daily, to yourself and to others.

Remember to breathe when things feel out of control or overwhelming.

Remember to drink water.

Remember to sleep. Proper sleep.

Eat your greens.

Eat well. Your body is made from your food.

Take your supplements if your body needs.

Try not to react when someone upsets you. They are off loading their baggage on you to make themselves feel lighter and better. Do not be the emotional dustbin. Create a boundary always. Create a boundary of love for all those you love and for all those you are not so keen on! Boundaries are key to us keeping our own energy supplies in good measure. I am CONSTANTLY battling with this!

If you have upset someone, listen to their rant but do not REACT. Say you will respond when you have thought about it and processed it. Then you will respond from a place of love, a place of kindness rather than a place of irrationality.

Keep the positive thoughts coming.

Still the mind when the negative thoughts try and overtake any peaceful mind.

Answers will come when they need to.

Remember LOVE is what we all thrive on. Love is the centre of our being.

Start practicing kind acts - giving unconditionally, helping someone in the street, buying someone a coffee, helping out where you might not usually. Open the door for someone.

Always from the heart.

Live with integrity.



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