A great morning - children and ponies x

We had a lovely morning grooming and washing some of the ponies. Here Noodle is being fed a bucket (bigger than him) of Barley grass. They all love it! Following a grooming session, we , made their breakfast for the following dayfilled some hay nets and then went ia built an assault course n the school. The children, were very excited once finished and asked - 'when are the ponies coming in to do it?'

My response was...." they are not... they are watching and you are doing it!" We had lots of fun, running and jumping and finished off with an Easter egg hunt in the school too.

Lunch followed and after lots of questions, smiling and dirty clothes everyone headed home.

Thank you all for coming. A lovely day for me, for my daughter and for our ponies and from what you have reported back, a fabulous day for you all too. "It was like owning my own pony for the morning." All in all a great day.

Please get in touch for more information on pony mornings at HHH. I look forward to hearing from you.



#ponyhealing #ponybrushing #daywithponies #ponyday #ownyourownpony #ponytherapy #healing


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