Do you go UP and then DOWN and wish that your moods were more balanced? Do you or have you suffered

More and more of us have suffered with one or more of the above in our lifetime and i tis team for this epidemic to stop! It is time for us to be accountable for ourselves and to recognise the beauty in life and the beauty within each and every one of us. For if we want to prevent the next generation from suffering from all the above then we need to take action and educate ourselves and MAKE change happen!

NO, it will NOT be easy but it will be a journey. A journey of self discovery. A journey of or transformation and self empowerment.

alcoholHow often when diagnosed with oe of those ailments/disorders are we asked to look at our diet, our alcohol consumption, sleep patterns, our stimulant consumption? How often are we given the quick 'fix' via a pill rather than actually taking the time to ask ourselves 'WHY?'

Why am i having these panic attacks?

Why am i sad?

Why do i feel low?

Why do i react to everything everyone says erratically or defensively.

How can i learn to control my emotions?

I am i so sad?

It could be as simple as one's diet. All the chemicals we consume make us NUTS!!! So it might be time to crowd out the fizzy drinks, the processed foods. Do you actually recognise what you eat? Ask yourself that. The amount of pesticides on our food are sending us bonkers! It it time to take control of ourselves. Eat meat but only good meat and eat less of it. All these farm animals are being produced o a mass scale to fill our greed.... do we really need that much meat -NO! Lets go back to being grateful for the piece of meat on our plate. Know where it came from. Know if the animal was happy or stuffed with antibiotics and locked away in a barn. Would you not prefer to eat meat that was happy and healthy rather than sad and scared? Why do you think we are becoming immune to antibiotics? One reason is because there are so many in our foods! Ok ... a i am not going to rant on but we need to think DIET!

Where are the tools to shine the light? The sad thing is by not asking the questions above we lose sight of what truly matters to us. Sometimes we lose our relationship.s Sometimes we lose our friends. Sometimes we feel so numb thanks to the pills we are on, we have an impaired judgement in the decisions we make. Then one day we wake up and we wish we might have done things differently.

SO please if this resonates with you in ANY way take a moment to stop....

1. Find support and talk. Do not suppress your feelings.

2. Look at your diet. Crowd out the processed foods with fresh foods

3. Drink water and plenty of it. Have a glass on waking up and going to sleep. Before each meal and before and with your coffee/tea/can of coke/wine... your body will decide which it prefers!

4. Eat lots and lots of greens.

5. Eat whole grains - Rice, Quinoa, Buckwheat.....

6. SLEEP - so KEY to our HEALTH. We live in a constant state of overdrive. Information coming at us all day and every day. Take time out! Allow yourself the luxury of having a bedroom free of machines. Free of TV. Try and go to bed at 9/10pm every night. Take a book. Breathe. Write a journal - a gratitude one. Lie still. Just be.

Give your body a chance to rest and restore. If you struggle with sleep, block out 3-4 days to go to bed early and rise early. Try and avoid stimulants on these days after 12pm. Craving caffeine/sugar - make a big bowl of rice and green veggies.

7. Nourish yourself. We think... "i don't have time for that. Or I can't afford that. But seriously it will catch up with you and it won't be days off it will be months off."

Sometimes it might be a few more vitamins - vitamin B complex, vitamin D3, Magnesium, calcium, zinc


Remember our health is EVERYTHING. SO make i your priority!

Follow your dreams, follow your heart, however scary it may seem.... Love and let yourself be loved.

Release and let go. Embrace change.

Forgive. Replace should with could.

Listen. Remove judgement.


Live now.

Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

Live by what is NOT what if.


Be kind to yourself and to others.

This may not be your way but it is A WAY.




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