The Benefits of Barley Grass for both Human and Horse.

For Horses, Barley grass is absolutely brilliant for the immune system. It boosts animals who are lacking energy and vitality. It encourages a healthy nervous system as it has a high magnesium content. Magnesium is also key to human health. It is also easily absorbed through the digestive tract which encourages optimum health. You can buy it from - well that is my favourite place!

And as you can see the ponies love it! :)

FOR HUMANS - the benefits are huge … i have taken the below information from a table on - it was so clear i thought it was perfect. Very accessible.

Boosts the immune system

Effective in treating ulcerative colitis

Reduces acidity in the body - key issue in inflammatory disorders

Aids in strengthening the liver and detoxification

Useful for fighting drug or alcohol addiction

Helps to prevent cancer

Helps to prevent ageing.

I admit It is not the tastiest powder… but i mix it with Yoghurt and granola. Pull a few faces whilst eating it but honestly feel better for having done so! You can pop it in smoothies too.

The horses seem to enjoy it much more than me!

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