Yoga then chat x

Following a lovely Yoga session we had a wonderful moment with Liam. Having been a little scared of the mat, he then decided he would like to join in too!


Yogi in Relaxation. Liam coming to make sure her abdominal breathing is good and strong:)

Lesson ended... time to eat now....

For more information on Yoga lessons or being in presence of the herd and learning how to embrace 'being'.. please get in touch,

Brings sense of peace, calms the mind and the nervous system and encourages beautiful breathing.

Great breathing, allows the oxygen to get into the blood and reach all the organs within the body, encouraging healthy mind and body.

Being is also known as - mindfulness, awareness, in the moment....

#breathing #ponies #yoga #mindfulnesswithadifference #being #timeout #relaxationprogrammes


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