Dairy- Meat - Eggs -where does yours come from?

Yes, I am a vegetarian. No, I am not here to preach. Yes, I am here to ask yourself where your food comes from. We are so used to buying the meat that we want, when we want, all packaged up for us that we have almost forgotten the animal that the meat/milk/ eggs came from.

We see meat as the only protein, or many of us do. And it simply isn't true. We can get protein from green vegetables, chickpeas, legumes, Quinoa, soybeans to name but a few. I am drifting off the point though. My writing today is about encouraging you lovely readers to look at the labels, to ask the Butcher where your meat comes from. To buy Organic or free range and grass fed as much as you possibly can. I know some of the farms claiming these labels are not perfect either but research it .... find the best possible source for your food. You are what you eat after all. And a happy cow, means happy meat. Happy meat/milk/egg equals happy you. As far fetched as it sounds, it is a fact that we are all energy in different shapes and forms so why not feed this energy with good energy, rather than terrified, unhappy energy. Which leads onto the point, lets help farmers change. I am not saying 'BOO to the farmers and their ways... ' I am hoping that i am getting across that perhaps well actually not perhaps, that, things NEED to change. It is time the population demanded their food came from healthy, organic farms. The use of pesticides, GMO and antibiotics make things grow faster and supply more food but there are still people without food so this is not working. There are so many alternatives to growing vegetables without pesticides and maybe the consumer needs to break outside the box and buy into the more seasonal vegetables. I find this hard too so I am writing in hope that i am simply sowing seeds that we all need to change.

I still have a cappuccino here and there. I have a principle i only eat organic dairy ( i appreciate they still take the calf away which is actually one of the worst parts, but it is the beginning). It also benefits me in a few ways.... cuts back my coffee when i am out, unless i have a black coffee, as not many people supply organic milk in the cafes - and this needs to change! We have some milk at home. But i am trying more and more to bring in nut milks or coconut milks. It is taking time to train the taste buds but I am getting there!! And when i do have that milky coffee, boy am i grateful to that beautiful cow that gave it to me and for her sacrifice of her calf. Cos lets face it she gave her calf in order to give us milk. I have witnessed the calf being taken away from its mother around 2 days old and it was one of the most heart breaking things i have ever seen. More and more people are going Vegan because of the way we treat animals. Surely it is time to recognise the pain caused and new ways to come forth!

FACTS TO CONSIDER WHEN SHOPPING & things you might do....

1. Since the 1940's more than 77,000 chemicals have been introduced into our farming and our environment. No surprise that allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and cancers have risen in this time.

2. Antibiotics are not working like they did which is a serious negative for us, as when we really need them, for a serious condition, there is a chance we will be resilient to them. This is not just our over consumption of them as a human being in pill form but also because of the amount of antibiotics used in animals. This passes on into the meat. So, though more expensive, go organic. Eat less meat and cut the costs here to buy healthier meat.

3. Over consumption of meat is NOT good for the environment or for YOU. The body has to work very hard to digest meat.

4. Over consumption of dairy is not good for you - it can create all sorts of issues. IBS,migraines, arthritis, list goes on and on .....

5. A cow will wean its calf for 9 months or so... it is given a day with its calf and then asked to provide milk for us. Heartbroken from the mother/calf separation. As said earlier, I have witnessed this and it is truly heartbreaking. As i write this I can't really believe that i still eat dairy here and there. But the start is being aware and then to keep trying to crowd out with other alternatives. And here is another point be sure to buy your nut milks or coconut milks from good places. Know your food providers. It should be their responsibility to make sure all produce comes from happy animals and from areas of the world that benefits both man and animal but very sadly this is not the case, so i think it is up to us to demand the change by making small changes ourselves. EVERY little bit will help. I promise.

Greenpeace is now making some amazing advances in encouraging big companies to make a difference. Look at their site perhaps ... and maybe sign up? Or Avaaz or Peta other sites where you can sign petitions that mean something to you, to help better the world.

6. As said before we can get protein from greens. For instance Kale. Look at the size of a bull... it only eats grass. Same for a cow. I hear you say, yes but we are not cows. Correct! So why do we drink and eat their milk?

But it is fact... greens have protein!

Pop more greens into your basket!

7. Look at the internet when you get home or before you go out to see that it is time for the welfare of ALL animals to change.

8. Look at all the ingredients and if you don't recognise any then maybe don't buy it. Buy fresh as much as you can. Less is more when it comes to ingredients. A great example i did with my kids. A pack of Doritos... look at the list of ingredients. Count how many you recognise. Then buy the slightly more expensive Tyrells - how many do you recognise on salted pack ? All three. No, crisps are not a healthy food BUT for those naughty moments please treat yourself to quality. Without our health we have problems so LOOK AFTER YOURSELF as much as you can!

Taken from www.whitelies.org.uk

"A cow would naturally suckle her calf for nine months to a year but calves born on dairy farms are taken away from their mothers within a few days of birth – usually between 12 and 72 hours. A strong mother-infant bond is formed between cow and calf immediately after birth and the separation is extremely traumatic.

The calves are then fed on commercial milk replacer, either from an artificial teat or from a bucket. Young calves are very susceptible to disease. Diarrhoea (known as scours in the farming sector), often caused by low-quality or incorrectly prepared milk replacer is the main cause of death. To reduce the risks, dairy calves are weaned on to solid food by five weeks of age - much sooner than in the wild.

Male calves are of no use to a dairy farmer. All bull calves are removed from their mothers after several hours or maximum two days and housed in stalls or hutches and fed milk replacer just like female calves. If not shot shortly after birth, they will be sold on to beef farms through livestock markets or raised for veal. They spend most of their short lives - usually between six months and one year - confined in buildings and yards. High mortality rates in these systems are common as it is not financially worthwhile for farmers to treat illnesses.

The current estimates are that 100,000 to 150,000 bull calves are shot within hours of birth in the UK. Viva! filmed the shocking fate of the male calves at farms supplying milk for the confectionery giant Cadbury. For more information and footage, click here or go to or our YouTube page."

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