Whats your affirmation?

"I am enough, I have enough, I know enough and still I am willing to grow and learn more each day."

"Yes! Certainly, all the wisdom is within. You know enough, you are enough, you have enough and still its' always fun to grow ad to explore.

From time to time, let curiosity take you by the hand and lead you one an adventure. Never believe that you know it all, the you've learnt enough - always have the willingness to keep your mind open.

Explore fresh ideas. Listen with your eyes, listen with your ears, listen with all your senses and always with your heart. When something feels right, your heart leaps, and when it feels wrong, you heart sinks. Grow in wisdom by by observing, listening and learning.

Invest in yourself although don't get drawn into defining yourself by a certification paper.

The whole of life is a great big classroom. Be a teacher, be a scholar, be a as seeker of wisdom who always looks within for validation.

Always seek to know more than you knew yesterday.

Never compare yourself to another. The only person you ever need to be better than is the version of your yesterday self.

Know your and you will know all that you need to know.

Life teaches us something every single day. Stay alert and tune into the lessons ever single beautiful day."

This passage is something i think we could all have on our walls. "Compare yourself to no-one." We spend too much time wasting energy comparing ourselves to others and forget about making ourselves better people. When we compare, we despair. Or we judge others which only makes our heart sink. even if we don't know it. Practice kindness. Practice supporting your peers, family and friends in all you do. When it is hard, send love and keep a distance. But always send love.

"Don't get drawn into defining yourself by a certification paper." I feel this is a very valid statement. Too often we feel we need more and more initials after our name to be taken seriously that we forget to actually practice and "SHARE' what we have learnt. We move far too much into our heads and too far away from our hearts. Yes, we need certificates so we can be insured and so that we can show that we have learnt what we preach but sometimes, just sometimes, we need to trust what we learn from a day to day practicing. This is something i have learnt. I have done many courses and qualified in all and with the horses i looked into more training in order to have the certificate to prove that i can do what i do. But none of the courses were right for me . None of them fit what i am trying to share. And then Kerri Lake, my teacher from across Atlantic turned to me and said, 'how many certificates do you need?' And i thought, enough. I have all i need. I know the effect the ponies have as i am living proof, no amount of study can prove that. And what they share tallies with what i teach in Yoga and i have qualifications and certificates for that. So the two have tuned into one another and the wonderful thing about it is that every client the comes my way does not get 'told' what to do but empowered to choose what they 'feel' they want to do. They own the journey. So friend, believe in yourself and keep learning, keep your ears and eyes open and make most of the wonderful journey you have been given, that we call life.


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