Unconditional love

We have a choice...

when we take control of our thinking, we can choose which thoughts we are going to give our attention to. Those that lift our spirits or those that make our heart sink. Let your spirits be lifted.

I watch the horses daily, in-between my daily routine, and I am amazed at how they know where to rub each other. Some days it is on the lower back, other days on the neck, other days the upper back and then the middle back. They just know. They are fully in the moment, loving each other and moving, what i believe is perhaps energy that they know needs moving along. Or perhaps it is a gentle massage or clean. However, they don't always look that much cleaner! :) They know. They don't need to ask, they just know. They move along, aware of the feelings between them.

This leads me onto the fact that so many of us have forgotten how to feel. We are so frightened of feeling any negative emotion. We suppress them constantly. We ask or demand a fix from the Dr and then we can keep on going but it is really proving to be a bit of an issue for mankind because if we don't feel, we don't connect to our hearts, and if we don't feel then these feelings have to go somewhere... they either explode into the atmosphere in uncontrollable, unfathomable ways - such as causing terror, fear, upset and damage in different levels of seriousness - or they eat us up from inside, causing unrest and dis-ease.

I have just spent some time with them and their love for a peaceful existence is magnified when one takes the time to sit with them. I wanted to help one of our mares release some old tension - the release can be expressed in chewing, itching, swishing of tail, yawning, farting, burping - and i was very keen to watch her yawn. I felt inside that the yawn was going to the be the ultimate release. With this, I realised that she was also testing my ability to sit for longer than perhaps i was planning too. She farted, she swished her tail, she chewed. The ponies around me yawned. She did not. So, in this session, though i did sit for longer than planned, not only was i doing some good for them, she was reminding me that patience is a key factor in life. The need for everything to happen right now is very, very unhealthy. She also reminded me that i too needed to yawn and drop away any tension in my lower jaw. And a firm nudge from Micky as he walked past me, reminded me that sometimes we have to face hurts or obstacles before we an truly let go. I have written about this in another blog. And this inspired me to write about feeling.

We used to feel. The connection between mind, body and soul was all one and looked at as one by health professionals of the past. And then the body was seen as something separate to both the mind and the soul. We were conditioned to listen to our thoughts rather than our feelings. When our body is screaming in pain, the lesson is to fix it, rather than feel it. Now, I am not saying everyone needs to be in pain or that medicine is not brilliant. Far from it. But there is a need for us to feel again. To recognise that not only do we humans have feelings but also that ALL living beings do. And with that we need to be a little more grateful about where our food comes from and a little more aware of what we are eating. Is it 'REAL' food that helps us feel well. Or is it 'PROCESSED' food that is often delicious but nutritionally deficient in every way and the foundation to ill health.

So not only are feelings good for our physical health they are also good to recognise when we are eating. Do we feel great after eating that or rubbish?


This week see how many times you can check in with HOW you are feeling. How you feel about a situation. Feel it in your body. Don't react but if you want to challenge the feelings that come up, sit with it for a bit and work out the kindest, most compassionate way to share your truth. Maybe say - 'this is how i am feeling about this and i don't like it....' Generally people are not quite sure how to respond but somewhere deep within, they are like, wow, I wish i could express how i feel. And by starting the trend of sharing your feelings, they will start to share theirs. Not in a manner of violence but in a way that is kind, considerate and a manner that can be dealt with so that things can move forward rather than stagnate or move backwards. And when we start to communicate from a non reactive state, we can all return to leading our lives founded on unconditional love.

With love, light & laughter,

'Sat Nam' -truth is your identity.


#kindness #unconditionallove #findingpeace #reconnectingtofeeling


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