Today is what we have. This moment is what we have. Yesterday has gone. Tomorow is yet to be discovered. To be aware of this very moment gives us clarity, gives us space. We are not lost in our heads but living right here and now. Feelings come and go, emotions come and go. Let us feel them, acknowledge them and then allow them to move on. Let us teach the mind to sift through the 66,000 daily thoughts we have and teach it to focus on those that makes us feel good and which benefit us but also all those around us. The positive, peaceful ones. Let us live in this moment, and with awarenees of all that is.


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Getting undressed

As she removed one layer after another, she began to feel lighter. She began to feel new. She began to feel true. As she came closer to being naked, she, for the first time started to identify with he

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