What do I do and what I am learning and hope to share...?

So, the other day I was sitting down and it occurred to me to write about what it is I do... and I wrote the following. Why, perhaps because so often I find people look blankly at me when they ask me what i do, or are bewildered why I collect beautiful ponies or why I massage people's feet or sign people up for 6 months to help empower them to transform their lives. And I thought it might become clearer if i wrote it down:)

Ok, so I work with both Humans and Horses with a holistic approach. I teach and practice living with awareness or getting present with both either independently or together, depending on the client. I do this through Yoga teaching, Health coaching programmes, Reflexology, Bach Remedies, animal communication and trust.

My work helps both human and horse find peace in their surroundings and within. This in turn allows any healing to take place on both an emotional and physical level. Yoga, diet, therapy, breathing, reflexology, communication, trust, love and awareness are my key focus for human clients and awareness, trust, communication and love with the horses.

Who do I hope to help?

Everyone and anyone. You do not have to have any connection to horses. The two are separate, however the longer the clients are with me, the interest in the horses presence increases and the two come together. Whether it be Yoga with them or sitting still with them and learning to quieten the mind. But it is not compulsory.

Horses are incredible teachers. They mirror our emotions and moods; they guide, they teach awareness daily as they live in the present. They also need to re gain the respect and love they deserve and it is this I hope to develop both by rehoming them and living with them and creating a bond of trust and communication, so that we humans learn to value them for far more than a beast to ride. Recently someone said to me about some horses we were riding, 'don't worry they are machines.' The thing is they ARE not and yet so many people treat them like so. We don't smash our computers around so why do we smack horses around. Yup... control. Fear of not having control... but that is another post... in brief though... they teach us to let up control too. Not just with them but in life. They teach us to trust again.

So the journey I am on with the horses I can share with others, empowering both humans and horses by gently guiding them in a safe and confidential environment.

Man seems to have lost his way, which is becoming more and more apparent in the daily news. Mother Nature is powerful and patient and generous but the more we take her for granted, the more issues we are creating for ourselves as we are messing with the intricacy and perfection of Her ways.

I believe that horses are here to teach us how to reconnect to those roots. To remind us that life can be tough, Nature can seem cruel, but when we work side by side and give back as well as receive, balance and harmony can be restored.

Horses (and all animals) keep reminding us that friendship, trust, love, water, food, shelter and warmth are really what is important in life. When we actually take the time to give 100% to our animals we learn so much.

Take a moment each day to be grateful for the life in the is world. To focus on the beauty that lies around us and within so many. Try and stop looking at all the sadness. We need to start focusing on the beauty and the love and the world will start to change. It is not going to happen over night and sadness and challenges will still happen, but the Universe is guiding us into a new way of thinking.... less is more. Love will conquer all. Fear and hate will be diminished.

Live. Be. Give. Receive. Be kind, Be joyful, Be grateful. Love and have compassion.

Remove judgement. Who are you to judge anyway?

When you stop judging and being opinionated, conflict melts away.



I found a quote the other day saying something along the lines of... Imagine what man could achieve if 7 billion people loved each other and were kind to one another. It is food for thought isn't it? The way we are living and approaching conflict is not working. Is it not time to change the record? Is it not time to change what we are teaching our children?

Embrace change when it is looking for a higher good. The world is always changing and yet we are always trying to hold onto it and prevent the natural movement.... it is time to learn to let go so we can fly our wings.

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