Ready for transformation? Tired of the push for perfection? Read on....

It can be really hard looking after number one when we have so many other pulls going on. Whether it be cooking for children, driving thousands of miles, working long hours and then coming home and facing the laundry, the sheet change, ideas for supper.... exams to prepare for...bills to pay, ponies to muck out, dogs to walk, cats to feed... parents to look after... food shopping etc etc... the list is endless and differs for everyone. And the last thing we fancy doing is looking after ourself. I am having that exact feeling today. I am so tired, i keep craving rubbish and i know i need to go to bed early to re jig myself and eat well, but as yet that has not happened. Tonight is the night! But one thing that helps me get through these days and that unites us all is that we all have a heart, we all need our health and we all experience feelings and emotions of sorts. We are all forms of energy and it is this energy that unites us all. This is physics. This is the self. This is the soul.

When we connect to our hearts, we connect to each others energy in the best way possible. We connect to our personal truth and purpose in life, bringing a sense of peace, a sense of wellbeing and balance.

Every day we are bombarded with lists of things to do; new gaming devices and temptations (kids); emails, phone calls, demands, questions, lights, expectations (which more often than not we put on ourselves), etc etc and our brains are crying out for some 'chill time!' But our mind, so programmed and conditioned to do, to do, to do, to achieve, to achieve, to achieve, to compete, to compete and compete, will not listen, despite our bodies shouting out "stop, i am tired!"

We keep going and going, depending on stimulants and opiates that fix us short term until one day we are burnt out and then we cannot do anything on our list or our day to day. We have to stop. And we have to listen. And it is not always pretty. SO, rather than waiting for this moment, why can't we just allow ourselves some time to relax, some time to rest, some time to turn off the devices and just let things be. And be the best we can be in each moment. Live with awareness so that we can speak truthfully but with kindness. If the truth is unkind then remain silent until we know how to share it with kindness and compassion.

If we could only just stop and listen to what our body is saying. It might be saying - "grab some green beans and spinach - i need some cleansing, my blood needs purifying and alkalising, i need some iron and calcium ...." "feed me some wholegrains - quinoa, cous cous, brown rice, millet....; I need some Vitamin B, Magnesium, protein." Or Eat some legumes - i need some fiber and protein. Or it might be saying, 'Send me to bed, i am so tired.'

We need to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and not always depend on the sympathetic nervous system to be working over time. This puts pressure on the adrenals, we produce too much cortisol, which then makes the body think it is going into hibernation and then this leads to a storage of fat, usually around the waste. This is in our DNA from times when we didn't have so much on our supermarket shelves (well we didn't have supermarkets at all!) and the body needed to store fat for the months when hunting for food was not in great supply.

Then there is the note of perfection. SOO often i hear people comparing themselves to another person or saying it is all right for them because they have this or that... Sure, some have more than others and there is a huge divide in what people have, which needs to be addressed in a big way, but maybe Nature will take care of that as we seem unable to help people off the streets and feed the poor but we do manage to spend billions on space crafts and new buildings and new housing and new runways....forgetting to put this money onto the streets where people are suffering and starving - all over the world - but that is another point. Back to the desire for perfection. Many people assume . I was sitting with a friend the other day and she has this idyllic image of my life - and my husband and i have worked very hard to create the life we have - i admit that we would not have the house we have if it was not for my parents generosity and help but what i hope to point out is that one has choice what to do with what you are given or what you are faced with. And we have created something special that we hope we share with our friends and family and others, but this does not come sitting on one's backside. It takes commitment, discipline and loads of ups and downs. It is too easy for us to look at another life and say 'well it is harder for me because .......' but actually if we changed our perspective and stopped comparing and despairing and aspired to achieve better and be better as an individual and stopped just for one second to ask ourselves if that is what 'we truly want for ourselves' we might just stop finding ourselves in the poor me scenario all the time and start to enjoy our own lives. Social media has its positives of course but living vicariously through it is an absolute disaster for everyone. The images placed are the perfect shot. If they start raising insecure emotions within you because you start to question your own life, then stop looking and start living your life rather than living it through someone else's photographs! Guess what, they too have tough times, and low moods and sleepless nights. Our perfection is not what we have or what we have gained. That is transient. It is what we have inside. It is the love and the kindness and the compassion we can share unconditionally. When we can access this and face our demons straight on and be honest, we can share with another, we can give without expecting back, we can forgive without expecting recognition. We can live. We can exist in the moment and actually enjoy what we have been given and appreciate the brilliance all around us. Yes, we are human and we will say and do things that we might regret or feel sorry for. Say sorry when you do wrong and move on, make the change then and work to be a better person. Give from the heart and doors will open. Receive with gratitude and your wings will start to fly.



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