Embracing the Autumn change

As the temperature starts to drop and the winds start to blow; the leaves start to fall and the branches start to bare themselves to the elements, remember that Autumn is a a time for reflection, a time to embrace the changes coming and a time to enjoy what IS before us. We can be grateful for the sunshine and the rain that fell over the summer months, we can be grateful for the multitude of fruits on the trees and the multitude of green grass and bushy trees. And knowing that winter lies ahead we can focus on the moment and embrace the Autumnal colours coming through. We can be aware of the conkers and acorns falling and supplying food for the wildlife and for their reseeding too, allowing more trees to grow, giving us more Oxygen and more air and more beauty to share.

Start to look within. Start to allow yourself to slow down. Start to move with the hours of light that Nature gives us. Our DNA shouts that our day is ready to wind down from the moment it gets dark... maybe start listening to this. Perhaps play cards, practice gentle yoga, start cooking wholesome pots of veggies and organic meats. I keep promising my children apple crumble! It is a time of year to be gentle with oneself. Everything we have created encourages us to do the opposite - time to party, time to see friends, time to go out and celebrate in the bright lights... all of this is great but try and find some moderation. It is too easy to burn yourself out.

Keep the water flowing. Keep an eye on the alkaline foods. Eat as many as you can.

Be aware of any aches and pains and allow yourself to stop and listen. What is the body trying to say? The body starts to hurt when it is ready to let go. We are so programmed to hold on to crap. Seriously it is detrimental to our own health and the health of the world. Start to let go,. However uncomfortable it feels, Let go! As a great motivational speaker said - it is not about us it is about how we share our joy with the world. We are not here to share 'our stories' over and over. We are here to say "boom, that happened. That sucked. But wow, I am through it and now i am here to share my learnings, my love, my teachings with the world. As she (Gabi Bernstein) pointed out, it is our job to find joy and live our lives joyfully as there are so many people out their who have nothing - no home, no food, no water, and no love... - these after all are the essentials to our existence. We, the privileged world, have more than we can cope with, so lets focus on what we do have, what we want to change, what we are and start living! It is up to us to start spreading the joy.

NO, I know it is not always easy but tool number 1.... when it feels difficult, when days seem tough -

Check in with your heart. Breathe into your chest and go over everything you are grateful for. From the roof over your head. To the blanket as you sleep. To the water that comes out of your tap.

To the being that loves you. Ask how best can i serve today? Make it about what you can offer the world not about you in the world.

SO much turmoil going on and Mother Nature is stepping in... we

must pray for all those in danger and in the process of rebuilding

their lives and we must start spreading joy, love and peace so that when they step out of the danger and back into life, they can feel the love, they can feel the joy and they too can enjoy this beautiful world and the gift that is life.



I bow to the light that shines within you


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