Horses and Yoga

It is really exciting to see the increase in holistic practices uniting with the horse/pony. Over the past 6 years i have journeyed alongside a beautiful herd that have taught me about boundaries, trust, love, integrity and the importance of living in the moment. Their friendship and loyalty is a lesson to us all. No judgement. No bullshit. It is how it is. One day they might want to come and chat, another day they want to hang out with with the herd, another day they may want to be alone... one day they hang with her, another with him... there is no feeling of 'what have i done?' It simply is. And it can be just 'is' because they do not judge one another. They do not belittle one another, they love one another. Those that they love dearly they hang close too, those that they love but don't like so much they hang a little further away. But they all care deeply for each other.

They can be pretty physical and pretty tough on one another and in these circumstances it seems to be bringing a horse back into its body, usually when it has been mistreated in some way and has shut down emotionally, they become unresponsive, so the herd seem to bash it out of them. Sometimes quite literally. But often it is just a swish of the tail, a flicker of the ears saying 'away form my food', 'get away from my patch...', 'Wake up' or something alike.

Anyway, I suppose i thought i would write today as when i was walking the dogs, it came to me to write about the horses giving the human evidence that getting present is not just a tool to play with but actually that it works. Getting present might be better understood as mindfulness or living with awareness. Very often i think we go on courses and workshops and however brilliant they are we can struggle to keep the practice going when we walk back into our everyday lives. Suddenly, everything that seemed so magical and clear is cloudy and confused. Yet, when we have the presence of the horses, or indeed any animal, we are able to witness first hand the effect of getting present (or into the moment) has not only on us but on the animal in front of us. It is perhaps more evident in horses as they are bigger and they do want to teach us that living in the moment is the way forward! But that aside, these majestic creatures can help us reach our goals of finding balance in our lives. And when we find that moment of being, they tell us so clearly. They chew, they move their tongue, they close their eyes, they drop their heads and when we are really lucky they lie down. When you see this, you know that you have learned the tool. You know that when you walk into that busy life of yours, that if you just take a moment to access the present moment, you CAN, and suddenly life is not so scary, it is not so overwhelming, it is just what is in front of you and you can deal with things from a calm place rather than a reactive place.

If you are lucky enough to be able to go and sit with a horse. Take the time. Sit quietly. It may take time for the horse to get present. Remember they have history too. But when they start to respond, you are healing them too. They are releasing stuff that is not doing them any favours and they want to let it go. And as you get more and more in the moment and they trust you more and more, the more peaceful you will feel. It is a beautiful exchange between man and horse.

Please remember that the horse likes space, so if he/she walks off or shows signs of 'that is enough', please respect it and give the animal some space. And please be aware of your safety at all times. Do not switch off completely at any moment. Being present, is being fully aware. It is being in that moment rather than going into a deep meditative state.



If you would like to come and practice Yoga & meditation and then later getting present or being in the moment with the horses here at HHH, then please get in touch with Nicks 0785525338



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