Your health is your happiness... .

Too often, we put everything else before our health and our happiness. We strive to 'be' happy but think that we must 'do' x,y,z and x,y,z etc before we can 'be' happy. So while we are busy 'doing' we crave happiness and diverge towards quick fixes.... such as salt, sugar, alcohol, rigid exercise regimes (exercise is great don't get me wrong), drugs - pharmaceutical and/or illegal. And though all of these bring a high and elate us in some way, the truth is, and it is boring i know, but the truth is, they all have a low. And so we go low and keep 'doing' x,y,z and we keep longing to 'feel' happy and to find balance. And then we start to get tired. We start to get headaches, we start to get moody or sad, we start to become lethargic, we get spots or suffer from skin conditions, inflammation breeds in a our over indulgent, acidic lifestyle and we become dis- eased with our lives.

SO GIRLS AND BOYS, LADIES and GENTLEMEN I am here to tell you that you can be happy, you can be healthy and that you can still have fun!

I sometimes think that NO ONE takes me seriously - but that is my issue, i am making it about me and it really isn't about me, it is about what i can share with the world and that is, that however busy you are, however low or even rock bottom you are, however lost you are, however opinionated or judgemental you are, however frightened you are, however much you are in denial, however much you are desperate to find peace , you can find peace, you can find happiness and you can find balance. Yes, it requires effort, yes, it requires change, yes, it means facing some uncomfortable feelings but BOY you and your body will feel SOOO good once you have let these feelings shift and you have let them go. So come on guys and girls, join me and so many others, in making this world a happier and more wholesome place. Start listening to what you, the real you, your heart, is saying. Listen to the gut feeling. Remove the 'should' and replace with 'could'.

Replace what if with what is and focus on everything that you do have not what you don't have.

You will receive more and more of the good stuff you just have to retrain that brain to believe. To believe in what you have inside.

Sometimes this is very hard and it is at these points one has to trust. I am going through this at the moment. I have studied and qualified until I am blue in the face and now i want to share... but doing doesn't seem to be getting me very far so I am just allowing it all to open as it is meant to. Perhaps, right now, i am 'doing' enough.... perhaps it is time to 'be' in the moment in all that i do in my day, rather than trying to squeeze more and more into it. I have sown the seeds, now i trust that the Universe, God, The source, whatever one might believe in will open the doors when i am ready to receive what is coming at me, without stress, without fear but from a place of love. So that I can be in the moment and love what i do rather than being so overwhelmed by ALL that I have CHOSEN to do (after all we ALL have a choice) and fail to enjoy any of it.

When we are happy, when we follow our hearts, when we connect to our bodies and let go of all the crap.... then we are healthy, happy and whole.

Start today. Embrace the change. Start crowding out the stuff that doesn't make you feel good with stuff you know will make you feel good.

Start small. Maybe introduce a supplement or a new exercise - even 2 - 5 minutes is better than nothing.

Pop a slice of lemon in your water - helps alkalise the body

Add an extra green vegetable in your shopping basket this week.

Replace one meat dish with a wholegrain, veggie dish.

Replace one meat with organic, free range meat - happy animal, healthy animal is a happier, healthier you! Remember you are what you eat!

Replace crap coffee with good, fair trade, organic coffee.

Replace crap crisps with those that have ingredients your recognise.

Eat a carrot

Drink a glass of water before eating.

Love yourself and be grateful.

Be grateful. Be kind. Be healthy.

Sat Nam


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