Too often we sit and harbour a problem or a feeling rather than speaking to the person and asking for an explanation or an understanding. Sometimes, there is timing of course, as when we are honest we need to make sure that we are speaking from the heart and we are not going to hurt the other person. So we cannot just launch in without taking time to step back and reflect and ask ourselves how we can communicate from a place of love and from a place that will serve all involved to the highest good.

We have that choice. To better the world and act from a loving, kind, compassionate place, or to continue to react to situations from a fearful place.

Rather than watching the world news and thinking, "damn them all or how dare he or what is she doing?" Just as examples. We can ask ourselves, 'how can i learn from this, how can i respond to this from a loving place?' When we do this we start to spread a different vibe about us and the world, that of love.

Remember, everyone is doing what they see as 'best'. It well be that they are so wrapped up in their ego self but that will be a consequence of their life and their choices, so if we want to help guide them a more loving route,we need to respond with love. To listen. To love.

People are longing to be heard. To be listened to. To be loved. Lets roll with the love wave.



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