Horses as intuitive, healing, beautiful teachers and beings. Are we are evolving into a new paradigm

I pulled out a card from Linda Kohanov's deck - The Horse ancestors and this paragraph resonated with me hugely. I feel it highlights everything my herd are teaching me and everything I hope to share through my work.

" The author, teacher and medical intuitive Caroline Myss theorizes that the human race is in the process of moving beyond the limited abilities associated with Homo sapiens to a more powerful and refined state of being she calls 'Homo noeticus.' Over the years I've seen compelling evidence that horses are also evolving, progressively demonstrating advanced emotional, energetic, and spiritual characteristics as they're given the opportunity to step outside tradtional roles as beast of burden and vehicles for ego gratification. When we open our minds and our hearts to these sensitive, powerful beings, soemething indescribable shifts inside, and the true destiny of both species transforms before our very eyes.

Moving from possession and slave to soul mate and guide, equus noeticus stands, beckoning, at the edge of a new wilderness - the landscape of consciousness itself."

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