Personal record of shifting through things..something bothers me... take a moment to reflect why...

I had a lovely lunch at home a few months back (wrote this then but never popped it on the blog) celebrating my Aunt's birthday. Mum and Dad came over too. Kids dipped in and out, oven blew, air b and b guests swopped over, Pizza Rova events to prepare for and then 10 ponies on the lawn for my Aunts arrival! Somebody left the gate open! :) I think it was a birthday surprise!

Anyway, despite the slight chaos, we had a really happy lunch. I am writing as a result of a conversation with my uncle. "So, Nicola, how is it going with the horses?" I said, "great thank you." He said, 'you need to have more focus, more clarity about how you are going to succeed with this." A little part of me felt a bit hurt. However, my inner self piped up and said, 'well i think it is growing at the pace i can manage it, alongside mothering my children, being a reasonable wife, running a course, teaching Yoga, running my own therapy clinic - not to mention the 10 ponies, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 10 guinea pigs. ... :)

That little defence mechanism had been launched and it made me wonder why. Perhaps a little frustration that i fail to express myself clearly enough or is it that what i offer is so simple, no one can comprehend it. We do like to complicate life after all.

As a therapist I offer Yoga teaching guiding my clients to a more peaceful and happy existence; I offer Reflexology to help re balance the body energetically and physically. As a health coach, i empower my clients to transfer their lives, embracing change in a safe and supportive environment.

All of this helps bring peace of mind, calms the nervous system, improves physical and mental health and when my clients or the professionals are ready for it we embrace the trust and the integrity of the herd, allowing them to provide a space that is honest, trusting and unconditional. They magnify the importance of living in a world that is full of love and existing in the moment. Fly if you need to keep safe, but the REST, STOP, BE, in the moment. They help us see the benefits of seeing what is rather than what if. Feel it. See it. Then move on to the next moment.

So, what have i concluded. I continue practicing as a loving and professional therapist. I help as many people as i can, alongside my family life. The horses and the space can be enjoyed by others when they are ready to embrace the concept and the magic of simply 'being'. I can guide. I can facilitate. I will support and provide a safe place where every word is heard. But the most important factor I offer is enabling you to reconnect to your truth, not mine, not anyone else empowering you to believe that you are the change, the leader of your journey. What you take from your time with me, or with the herd is yours. All yours. And you leave with a recognition that you are allowed to feel peaceful, to be happy, to feel joy.


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