Gratitude - Take a moment every day to say thank you. x

So today I had to dig pretty deep to clear the mess you see below. I share this with you, not because it is a particularly sexy photo, nor does it share with you the beauty of what I do. I share this because it highlights the challenges that the winter throws at us, in whatever form we may let it. I know that if I shut the gate to the school my life would be a lot easier as picking poo up in here is pretty challenging when it is wet. But I also know how much happiness and fun it brings the ponies at this tough time. They can roll, they can rest their feet from the mud and they can chase each other around playing horsey games. So, that is what I hold in my head and my heart when I am pushing a heavy wheelbarrow around or bending over and picking the poo... I hold the light, the love and the joy. Sometimes I struggle, yes, I express that - I might roar like a lion, or cry or just stop and take some time out - but I succeed and that physical and mental challenge is so empowering. And today I have to thank George, for standing there watching, being there with me. And for giving me a hug and kiss in-between my sh*t shovelling! :)

So next time you find yourself faced with adversity, take a HUGE breath in and a LONG breath out and connect to your heart, a warm feeling will start to enter and you WILL feel yourself calm. It may take practice - everything does - but keep tuning in and you will recognise that YOU are able to do anything you want to do.

When you are tired. Rest.

When you are hungry. Eat well.

When you are sad, breathe and ask 'how can I help.' Or share with a friend.

When you are ill. Listen. Allow yourself healing.



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