We are all energy

I think sometimes we all forget that we are energy. That we and everything else in the Universe are particles of energy. Forms of energy that are constantly moving, changing, evolving and yet somewhere along our journey as humans we have tried to stop this movement and to control who we are, what we are and this has created issues. It has created fear for a start as we have lost site of that movement, of that fluidity that comes with change. We fear of losing control and feel we must have control of everything that is going on around us and we must be able to fix everything and everyone... now or at least at some point. And if we don't, we have failed. Or we feel some sort of failing, guilt or loss.

However, when we start to embrace change and embrace the concept that we are a vibrant force of creative energy, we start to connect to everything, we start to appreciate things we didn't before, we start to see things we didn't before. We become aware of how we feel, of how others feel and we start to lean towards a more compassionate, kind, peaceful and quite frankly happier existence. The facades are stripped away and we start connecting to people differently. We start warming to people's truths.

When we feel stuck, we are often stagnant. When we are stiff, our soul is trapped, it is not following its true purpose. Movement, diet, sleep, nutrition, love - all these help us get the energy moving. Many complimentary therapies help us shift old energy along too. If you are hurting and you need to see a Dr or your animal is not well and you need it to see a Vet then you must.

Get a diagnosis, allow them to help you or your animal get better.

You can also help them by looking at why you (or animal) might be hurting, why you might be feeling ill. Are you eating badly? Are you working too hard? Are you sitting on your bottom too much? Are you lacking direction? Are you in a tiring relationship? Are you not sure of how to change your direction as you love everyone in your life but you know in your heart there is another path for you to follow - all these things can be HUGE things to consider and changes do not have to happen just like that. They can be small or you can simply bring in more healthy, helpful, wholesome things into your life.... or into your animal's life which will naturally take you on a journey that is yours. The happier you feel the more you will embrace those things. It might be nothing changes in your life, accept your perception of it, which changes it all for the better, or it might be you move on and change direction, but these will all come naturally if you just start to bring in things that make your heart sing.

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Einstein. It is a favourite because it reminds me that it is not only a spiritual concept but physics. We are a ball of energy, we are connected to everything in the Universe. We are born and we die and we are born again. Our Spirit is continually evolving into different forms and matter. It can be a terrifying thought, or a beautiful depiction of growth. When we know that our soul lives on, we can know that we will always be connected to those we lose in physical form; we will always be with those that we love and whom live on different sides of the globe; we will always be with those we love and remember in whatever form they come because we are connected by our hearts, by the unconditional love that drives this Universe. We have just forgotten how to choose love above fear. But now is our chance as we are being encouraged to open up to our feelings, to our emotional body, to the concept that energy can be redirected towards the light by refocusing on the heart, by doing the things we love, by caring, sharing, loving and being kind. We can redirect energy towards a lighter more peaceful world, by having awareness of our thoughts. Our thoughts carry energy, therefore it is our responsibility to focus on the loving ones, the caring ones, the kind ones, the non judgemental ones, the thoughts that better ourselves and all those around us.

"Energy never dies, it simply changes form." Albert Einstein.

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