A sad day but a beautiful ending.

We had a bit of a shock a couple of weeks back when Connie decided it was time to move on. Totally unexpected. All our attention had and still is on Lightening, who has been suffering from Laminitis on and off for many, many years and in the past few months has got a little more complicated. And THEN Connie came in one morning, neighed at her food and looked at me and then at her stomach. She looked shocked. I knew then something was not right. The mud in her mane suggested she had been rolling a lot and so out came Peter, our lovely vet. Well, after tests, painkillers and a record of her heart rate, things were not looking good. The poor girl had had a bout of colic and the night before must have been horrid. By this point, mid morning, she seemed calm and quite peaceful. My gut feeling was to leave her for a few hours with the others and with me. Peter agreed and I was left to hang out with Connie. And wow, what a wonderful day she gave me. She followed me everywhere, she guided me to the paddock and insisted that ALL the ponies, including lovely, lame Lightening, were let in. He appeared from his stable like a shot the moment he saw the gate open. He had not moved like that in weeks! I groomed her beautiful coat and we had hugs and kisses and the smell of her so warm and loyal. Watching her every hour over the evening until 1am, we made sure that she was not showing signs of great pain. Both cats, Daisy and Colonel were present and the mini ponies were with her too. She was certainly not comfortable but she was pacing and ears were pricked and drinking a little water in-between. I even tried to roll with her in the school, hoping it would release some wind, but to no avail. I said goodbye and thank you and Alex and I went to bed. Awaking at 5am I headed out. Knowing. And there she lay, peaceful with her herd stepping in to say goodbye, one by one. It was truly beautiful. A little Robin sitting on the fence just above where she lay and Colonel the cat coming in and sitting on her. So much going on to say goodbye and so much love and support for each and every one of us beings present. And her presence, wow, so HUGE, even moreso than when she was here in physical form. She is with us everyday and she is deeply missed. There is a gap for sure. A big one but the love is there and we march on and learn and love and support and listen to one another.

Thank you Connie for giving us so much fun, so many laughs, so many hugs. Thank you for your loyalty, your teaching and your wisdom.

As we know, energy never dies, it simply changes form and we feel you in our hearts every single day.



#ponies #loveofponies #lossofpony #connie


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