A list to help you embrace a healthy regime to fit in with you.

I hope this will give you a foundation to build on without feeling overwhelmed by everything out there and encourage you to move forward with the intention of transforming your life rather than being totally blown away by all the information and not knowing where to start or what to do or by drowning in trying to do everything.

I hope that it might allow a healthy regime feel far more accessible to your everyday.

1. Make sure you take time out. Quiet time.

2. Eat fresh as much as possible.

3. Eat loads of green vegetables.

4. Eat organic - especially milk and meat.

5. If you buy packaged food make sure you recognise ALL the ingredients on the back. If you don't put it back on the shelf.

6. Water - drink loads of water. Perhaps add lemon to help alkalise your body.

7. Crowd out the caffeine. Have your coffee black if you can.

8. Be kind to yourself - always. Speak to yourself Kindly. Praise yourself for being you. You are enough. I am enough. (These words are shared by Marissa Peer - maybe look her up if you haven't already.)

9. PROBIOTICS by food and supplements - Kimchi, Kaffir, Kombucha, olives, Greek Yoghurt ....

10. Vitamin D3

11. Magnesium

12. If you are worried about something, get yourself checked out and then you can make even more effort to look after yourself.

13. Keep connecting to your heart and choose to feel the love and let go of the fear.

14. Exercise. 15 minutes a day is better than nothing.

15. Stretch. Moves any stagnant energy along.

16. Drink a glass of water before you drink alcohol and each glass you have.

17.Tell yourself that you are beautiful. You are amazing and 'that you are enough.' Melissa Peer

Sat Nam x

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