Listening to our bodies and looking after our gut! In turn breaking habits and addictive tendencies.

"All disease begins in the gut." Hippocrates.

So this month this quote is really important to me. Having had an unusual flare up over my nose and cheeks - looks like sunburn - has been diagnosed as possible Lupus, Rosecea... blood tests will hopefully give me some more information. However, while I wait for results I am getting on with being healthy. My body has been crying out for it for some time now! I was so tired pre Christmas, I kept promising myself me time in December, in January, in February.... Anyway I am NOW listening! When we are tired, it is too easy to fall back into the old patterns and though I am way healthier than I have been in the past I know I was not cooking enough yummy vegetarian food for my Bodies needs. Fresh is best after all and I was too often grabbing and going, Not total crap but not fresh.

Anyhow... my point here is that Health is Wealth and it starts by looking after ourselves, being kind to ourselves, forgiving ourselves, letting go of crap, recognising that we are enough and that where we are at, is just fine. It highlights that we must look after our guts too.

We know when we are out of balance. It is just whether we are prepared to listen to the aches, the pains, the discomforts and ask why they are there. It has been said a pain is an old emotion that has come to the surface and has shown itself as it is ready to leave the body. I believe this very strongly. We need to care for ourselves, mind, body and soul.

So, the other day, feeling totally fried about after being to see the Dr, I engaged myself into positive thinking, reminding myself that the body loves to heal itself and so I was going to help my body heal itself. I am doing that now.

I did a bit of googling and suddenly before I knew it, I was totally overwhelmed by all the healthy eating information that is out there. Now, don't get me wrong, information is great but shit, it can be pretty darn scary too! It took me back to the very fact that we are on a path of transformation and it is our choice where we take it.

I mean when you drink, eat crap, drink coffee, and smoke fags, you know why you feel like shit and why you are looking ill or out of sorts. Lets face it your blowing yourself up slowly by doing the above but one can understand why as it is quite black and white. I have done that too by the way! And actually quite often when we aren't looking after ourselves we look great! Crazy eh!

But stuff is bubbling inside very often. Though I think when we are content and generally at peace with life, our body is a miracle and can keep us very well and happy.

But that is not my natter today, today I am sharing with you the joy that comes with letting go and breaking a habit.

And though it has not been like the above, my diet from September through to December last year was really not what I like to preach. The rash on my face has said 'NICOLA, you are not caring for yourself, PRACTICE what you PREACH!'

I know coffee in the proportions I have been drinking it for the last 10 years is NOT doing me any favours. The rash arose and I thought ok, yup, ok, I am listening now. I promise. I used to drink the coffees, thinking from my gut... this is not good for me, I really want some food or some water or some... not this... then my head would say but Nicks, you love coffee, it is your friend, it is this and that and this and that... ' Oh Ok and I would make a delicious coffee.

NOW... however, and I am so excited to say this.., I have knocked two out of the three (they were very strong coffees) that I have on the head just like that! I was not going to give the whole lot up over night as I need to function. I have a very busy day to day which I have chosen and love but I need to be Able to move in order for the animals, children and husband to be fed and for my lessons to happen! :) And also the moment we say CAN'T have we want it more! And to be honest I rather like my one! :)

However, now I see my one coffee so differently. It is like such a treat. It is not the first thing that goes in... because if I have it then I might not enjoy it and I don't want to have another as I feel much happier without the other two. I must have it when I really, really want it.

AND guess what that need and want is getting less and less. I am not saying '- 'Nicks you can't have that. I am saying have it but just make sure you want it. Love it.' It is so amazing. Especially for someone who has used coffee as her faithful friend - for ups for downs, for late nights, for weight loss (it doesn't work!), for survival, for all sorts - it is my final vice that I have abused and used for way too long. But I can honestly say I see it for what it is - a wonderful substance that can be incredibly delicious but something to have when one is in a good space and can truly enjoy it. Not to abuse it. And ultimately this comes down to self care and self love and being kind to thyself.

Sat Nam


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