I am a health coach & I have just signed up to a coaching program with Anna Marsh!

So, it doesn't matter who we are, how much studying we have done, how many qualifications we have ... we all need guidance, support and help at times. And it is ok to ask for help. In fact it is wonderful to ask for help. I have only just starting asking for help and it is amazing. I can ping to London to see friends and family, I can go for long walks if I want to, I can do my work, I can cook well. It is amazing! I work better, I function better and I am a better person all round. It helps us to create boundaries too. I have been getting lots of help too for my skin flare up. Whether Lupus or Rosecea we know it is inflammation and my immune system is working toooo hard. Time to chill it out and chill the adrenals and to boost the system with fats and vegetables. Good fats!

And I am now working with Anna to make sure I do just that and all the other things that she is guiding me to do. She has different qualifications to me and is a functional medicine practitioner, nutritionist etc etc... (check her out) and has far more initials after her name :) but it doesn't' make me feel threatened or shy to share her brilliance with you all. Absolutely not. We all need different people in our lives at different times. Right now, I need some guidance that is a bit more medicinal in its approach. I need some help in what to eat, as it is hard to sometimes see ones own issues, you need someone to help you change. I eat well but right now my system needs something else. In fact I have had to make peace with leaving vegetarianism and start eating fish. Right now wholegrains are not working for me or lentils or pulses. I need to eat fresh fish, vegetables and just let the system chill out! And I knew all this deep down but sometimes we really need someone to tell us and to hold us accountable so we actually follow our 'guts' needs.

And you know what, it feels so right. The grains have been looking at me going... not helping you right now! Leave me. And fish has been looking at me saying you need to eat me and lots of fats! I have been devouring coconut butter. And even started eating Ghee. The kids don't know it yet... somehow managed to hide the flavour so far.

So excited.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you are intestesed in a holistic journey of transformation or if you feel Anna Marsh might be more your style... contact her now. I cannot recommend enough, having someone there to talk to, to hold you accountable for the changes and to listen to you 100%.

There are so many wonderful people out there today to help us and support us in a gentler, kinder, more holistic (whole body, mind and spirit). Do the research and if it feels right in your heart, make contact.




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