Lightening - He is such a dude.

So the images above were taken back in January/February when Lightening really was not very well. He was suffering terribly form chronic Laminitis and the forecast was not looking good. In fact so much so that the vet and farrier were pointing towards the end. And we did reach that decision in March and everything was booked in. BUT I went out and saw him and my son, at the time was not very happy, and sat in the stable sobbing. He doesn't usually come out to the ponies. I think he was releasing so much sadness as he was saying goodbye to Lightening. As we left, Lightening got up and came to the stable door as if to say, I am not ready to go, it is ok, I am on the mend, I am going through deep healing and you are too.' I went out the next morning to see him and to get ready for the arrival of the vet and the chap that takes dead animals away and my husband and I looked at each other, like it is not the right time. And to this day I am so grateful for him being out there with me that morning and for saying to me, if it does not feel right, call it off.' So I did!

I am looking a little rosey cheeks but that is my deep healing that is going on and who better to teach me to be patient and to dig deep, rest and let go, than my very dear friend Lightening.:) This is him yesterday, taking shade in the stable. We are both actually sitting down, well he is lying down and sitting up! It was a very special ten minutes or so just chilling side by side.

Anyway, with love, care, Reiki (from my friend Pete), patience and gentle listening, he is parading the paddock with his friends and walking beautifully.

So, I have learnt from Lightening to be patient. To look within not out and allow the shifting to happen. To let go of the frustrations, the anger, the sadness, the grief, the guilt, the shame, all the shadow emotions we suppress or feel and don't know how to release or simply don't give ourselves time to.

I now understand the benefits of running! Friends who don't hold stress - they run! And though running is not my forte, I am making sure I walk daily now. Take longs walks with friends, when I can and practice Yoga for myself not just as the guide. The excuse I don't have time... it is making the time. Other things can wait. So, if you like me, have been hiding behind things, sit down write out your list of things to do and write out your list of wants... and make SURE that those wants are in your day to day. Make your health your priority because without it, nothing on that list matters anyway. When we are healthy, we are happy and we are whole and we can be the best that we can be. More energy, more laughter, more joy.

All love



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