I read the following in my compassionate farming magazine and wanted to share it with you as I feel it is so the way forward for us and the generations that follow. It benefits the world and feeds the population and it benefits the animals. All in all it is a win, win!

"Happier, healthier, Farm Animals.

If we get rid of cruel factory farms and restore farm animals to the land in mixed rotational farms, there are huge benefits to be had.

Free ranging animals can express their natural behaviours - running, flapping, grazing - making for happier animals with better immunity cutting down on the need for veterinary antibiotics and reducing the risk of disease.

Happy Animals equals happy meat!

The truth is rearing animals this way is better for the animals and better for us!

If we halve the amount of cereals and soy fed to farm animals, it would free up enough food for an extra two billion people. This would swell the world's food basket to feed the nine billion people anticipated by 2050 without the need for a hectare more of farmland.

There is a growing need to diversify the range of protein sources for people, reducing the overall amount of meat consumed. This owl promote healthier diets, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help restore the natural environment, make it easier to feed a growing world population and provide greater scope for the very best animal welfare.

By returning to rotational farms and naturally -reared animals, we can bring a cascade of positive benefits for the environment too.

When free range animals can wonder fields and pasture, they help regenerate soils. They re engage the age old nitrogen cycle where sunlight pushes up plants, eaten by animals, who's dropping return nutrients to the soil."

"The evidence is irrefutable. Factory farming causes unimaginable suffering for billions of farm animals around the world. It wipes out wildlife and devastates our environment - all without providing the sustainable food our growing population needs. It is a cruel system and it is failing. What follows is a brief summary of our strategy for creating a world better fed, without factory farming."


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