So as you can see there has been great improvement in Lightening's appearance. In the photo on the left he looks little sad, lost and detached. Liam is nestling into his neck, I believe giving Lightening some beautiful healing. He had done it early too, working up Lightenings crest. Amazing to watch. He just held his mouth over certain parts and then finished off at the top of the head.

SOOO Lightening came to us very Laminitic or at least with a history of it and I was rather naive and did not have a CLUE why he had such an ENORMOUS crest on his neck. Anyway.... I do feel we have managed it as well as we can until this winter. Something happened. He got an abyss in his hind leg and then his pedal bone in his front right started to come very close to the surface. So you can imagine, walking was not an option.

With the careful attention and expertise of the Vet and Farrier, we have managed to get him moving which is remarkable. Alongside this I have had Peter Jefferies coming in to see him, giving Reiki and Kinesiology sessions. And I have to say the latter have been amazing. As has the Reiki but the kinesiology has shifted so much in the neck and his eyes are sprightly and alert and it is beautiful to see.

Along with this I have been loving him, stroking him and making sure he is eating and drinking and I have been placing a red light therapy wrap over his leg and hoof every day for 15 minutes. This encourages healing on a cellular level and re growth. So all in all we are approaching it from all angles. A HOLISTIC approach. Now, things are still uncertain but we are all keeping fingers and toes crossed that he recovers from this rather tentative time. Of course we have had to be open to the fact that it might be his time to move on but while his ears are up and alert and he is trying that is not an option.

My reason for writing today is because I had a lovely chat with my vet about the 'holistic' approach. He is very conventional and he was sharing a conversation he had had with someone about bio resonance and how he was working alongside this with one of his clients. We talked about the pros and cons of complimentary therapies for the conventional professional. I was saying how I saw Complimentary therapy as healing the emotional body, which when stagnant can create physical problems and the medical approach was about looking at the physical. Now I appreciate this is very much simplified but when I said it out loud it highlighted for me that the two can work together so beautifully. After all we all have feelings and we all have emotions. EVEN HORSES! Well for that matter, all living things!

Anyway, I hope that we call all work together in the future. Rather than judging or condemning how other people do things, work out ways to compliment and help each other so that we can help those that need some help in getting better and finding balance, physically, mentally and emotionally!

I do believe that we depend on medicine too much for quick fixes and that if we took responsibility for ourselves and really looked after ourselves, we would remove a chunk of pressure off the Dr's and in the case of animals, the vets..,. They have a lot to do, so maybe if we all work together we can help them by doing a little self healing too!

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