Anxiety, sleep deprivation, poor diet, changeable moods... Fed up and want to find balance? Contact Nicks and join her and the herd to learn

how. 07855256338/nicolacorbett@mac.com

“Living with Awareness”Course

starts Saturday November 3rd

9am-11am Runs for 4 weeks(3rd,10th,17th,24th)


Email Nicks to book your place!

The ponies are the most natural teachers of living in this moment, of being mindful of ourselves and others. When we live with awareness we have the foundation to deep healing and a life full of joy, peace and love,as we are given choice. We can choose who to hang out with, we can choose which thoughts to focus on, we can choose what to eat... And these choices are easier to embrace the more aware, the more mindful we are.

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join the herd and I for an experience you will remember and that will help you embrace the gift of life, the ‘present’moment. Namaste x

#mindfulness #ponies #horsetherapy #ponytherapy #awareness #yoga


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