Its time to embrace the fun again

What have we done?

Do you find yourself getting so caught up in the musts, the shoulds, the how to, the pressures, the expectations? If you are a parent do you find yourself sharing these same demands on your children? If they don’t do this or that they will never succeed? Or that feeling, they are lucky to have the education they are receiving therefore they need to shine day in and day out otherwise they are ungrateful or failing the system. Or we panic that if we don't push them they may not get to where they need to in life? Are you aware of your own or your childrens stress levels? Anxiety levels? Do you take note of them or do you ignore them and say ‘get on with it to yourself or to your offspring?’ There is no judgement in this writing, only questions that I hope will bring in some awareness, so that you are aware of the signs and that you start to do something about it, such as self care and self love. And if caring for a loved one to listen and really hear what they are saying. And most importantly to start removing the stress so that you can start to bring in more and more fun.

too much pressure to get grades. To behave ….Do you have fun? Or have you got lost in the responsibilties you have. Are you putting so much pressure on yourself or others that you have forgotten to laugh, to cry, to scream in joy? I had. For sure. And now as I come out of the hole of what at times felt like darkness because of the exhaustion, I see so much light, so much potential for life and guess what … it is MEANT to be joyful. It doesn’t mean we all f… about in our jobs, and our day to day or our lessons. Yes, learning is important, yes focus and purpose are really important but we need to laugh at the same time. It will make it all so much easier to absorb! Our youngest reminds me of that daily. If I ask him if he wants to do something…. If its not fun. No thank you. Or yes please, that is fun! Does he like school. Bits of it. It is more the system he has found hard and the expectations but he has found away to make fun as well as study. The lessons that are not fun… guess what… he is not learning quite so much or his enthusiasm is not so focused. I just wonder if we have made life way too difficult for ourselves. We have created so many demands and become too serious and then we wonder why kids suffering from anxiety and depression … there is so much pressure on them to perform. If not from home from the schools as they have to meet various criteria etc etc etc...There is so much stress on everybody and I truly feel that it is coming to a head. Maybe just maybe it is time to embrace change. To listen to others and to embrace a sense of freedom by encouraging ourselves and others to follow their dreams, to have a go at whatever they want to and to respect when the answer is no. No, that does not feel right. Or No, because that makes me feel anxious or not quite right. Yes, to step out of our comfort zones but in a way that feels safe and comes from a place of love rather than from a place of expectation and demand.



Respect, responsibility, gratitude and LAUGHTER.

Make your life the dream you long for. Miracles happen daily, we only have to believe in the magic of life, love and that energy that pulsates all around us and throughout every single one of us.


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