Everything seems to be in a bit of a muddle....but we can change the vibe....

Its seems that there is so much going on right now, leaving people feeling angry, resentful, confused, detached, too involved, indecisive, argumentative, lost, stagnant... the list of pessimistic feelings goes on and on... and it is hard to ignore them as the feeling is everywhere. However I am here to suggest embracing different feelings despite what is going on in the world. And of course there are many awesome people out there doing just that.

How about we focus on shifting the negative to positive, to shake the unwanted out of our physical bodies, to bring in gratitude, joy, harmony and love. These words on their own bring a feeling of lightness to our very being. They resonate a very different vibration and this vibration spreads. Just as negative thinking spreads, joyful, positive thoughts spread and suddenly there is a different vibe around every one of us.

Of course there are things happening that are out of our control and raise feelings of sadness and unease and I am not saying ignore these feelings but I am saying alongside these feelings bring in all those moments of gratitude. And keep focusing on these and a little light will shine through the heart bringing a feeling of joy and safety with it.

We can shift consciousness and we do have a responsibility to do so, if we truly want an easier, happier existence. It is not about waiting for others to make decisions it is about getting on with it now and spreading the joy, the love, the health and all else will follow. It is about communication, compassion and community.

Shifts will happen and we may not be able to explain why but when the hearts start to lead the heads, rather than the heads leading, beautiful things happen.

We are ALL balls of energy or if you prefer bodies of energy. Everything is energy. And energy likes to flow. It does not like to get caught up in stress and baggage. It likes to move.

When it is moving freely, we are happy, healthy, positive and well. When it stagnates, blockages occur - brain fog, food cravings, inflammation, low moods, erratic behaviour, strange eating habits, poor sleeping patterns... the list is endless. And it doesn't matter how healthy we are... we might be the kings and queens of juicing and raw foods or cleansing and still feel bad... This is because the energy is not flowing and therefore our cells cannot communicate. They communicate via light.... photon radiation.

Positive, vibrant energy keeps the flow moving fluidly, negative thinking patterns hinder the flow or even stop it completely.

Take time each day to move your body, to breathe long deep breaths, or engage with other breathing techniques you may practice. And say in your mind daily as I inhale, I 'let' and as I exhale 'go'. A simple mantra to keep the body free and fluid. And stretch so the soul can move and groove and shine your light!


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