Lets support one another in returning to Love - It is time to turn our backs on fear, hate and anxie

There is so much fear, anger, hate in this world and it only seems to be getting heightened. There is anger towards those in power. There is anger towards each other and there is anger towards ourselves.

How have we allowed it to get so bad?

Behaviour and decisions amongst mankind have reached a peak of absurdity at a time when we are more aware of what is going around the world than ever before.

It seems many of us are programmed to just get on with it and 'accept' that life is hard and that life is about survival and that is just how it is. But I believe, for what it is worth, and it appears many people believe, that life is actually a blessing and we are here to enjoy it. Yes, that is right. To enjoy it.

Let us support each other in growing. In letting go of all the past hurts that have been passed on through generations of pain. We cannot carry the past anymore if we want the world to be there for future generations. I am not saying we 'forget' what has gone on before, as much of it we must learn from. But I am saying that we must live in this moment, now. We must enjoy the world we have in front of us now.

Now many people will come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid shedding the layers and facing their demons... but the truth is if we do not do this, we will struggle to create a better world. Some will say, well I can't do this or that because I don't have this or that. Or it is ok for him/her because she/he has this or that...

Bullshit excuse. Even those with 'everything' have a story that they have waved goodbye to or are still carrying. We all have our stories. The message here, is, are you ready to let go of the stories that don't serve you and embrace the vision that inspires you?When you are inspired, the world around you is inspired. When you are beaming with Love, the world around you is beaming with Love. And guess what this energy is catching. So lets stop focusing on the negative, terrible shit in the world and start focusing on all the wonderful things going on in the world. We have to do this for the sake of those that are in poverty, who are in war zones, who are suffering from severe ill health, for those who are scared and stuck... because we have to give them hope. When love starts to rule, healing will begin, not just of the world, but of the people, of the animals and plants, of every existing energy that is part of this incredible place, we call Earth.

I know this may sound a far off cry for change but we can do it. If you want to create a world of joy, love and most importantly peace for the generations after us, start taking responsibility for yourself. We have spent far too many years depending on everyone else to fix us. We blame our Dr's, politicians, teachers, leaders, friends, parents, anyone in charge.... the list goes on.... we focus on the negative rather than the love in life. I KNOW this is scary. I KNOW change is terrifying but the moment we start to let go and embrace change, life starts to move in beautiful ways. BUT we need to trust and that is a big part of the journey. We are not taught that at school. We are taught to get on, to survive, to achieve....but how about being taught how to live, learn, share and believe?

It cannot be about blame anymore. We have to take responsibility, for how we behave, how we speak, how we integrate, how we shop, how we sleep and for the food we put in our mouth. We are not separate beings and yet we are living that way. And this brings sickness in itself. Guilt, shame, resentment, unkindness, anger, jealousy, you name it. All feelings that make us heavy and down.

YOU have the choice to make the EFFORT to CHANGE and to embrace LOVE, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, LAUGHTER, JOY, APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE... can you feel the difference in your body when you feel these words! This way of living connects us all. It has to be about 'what is'. IF the 'is' was shit. Then feel it. Let it go and make peace with it. Carrying all this hate, anger and frustration is making YOU sick and the world sick. If the 'is' right now is shit, then ask yourself why. Where in your life do you want to see change? What are you carrying in life that is exhausting you, depleting you and making you low. It is the most empowering thing, facing what is hurting us and letting it go.

Have purpose. Follow your heart and let your heart lead the way. When you do this, ABUNDANCE will follow in all areas of your life. IF challenges come up... Sit tight and just allow them to be there. There will be a message. But we have to listen and this can be a lesson in itself. TRY YOUR VERY BEST NOT to give up.... these are lessons or the Universe pushing you down another path... We are here to learn, to grow. We are here to share our soul's purpose, our hearts desire. We are HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and GIVE to the world. When we GIVE we shall RECEIVE. It is the law of attraction.

Some of you will turn your back on this concept and this is ok. BUT if you want change, happiness in your life and in others, following what makes your heart sing is the foundation to a new world.




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